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Specialist treatment with care and sensitivity

Welcome to The Wave

At the Wave Clinic, we adopt a whole person approach tailored to the specific needs of young people with a focus on full recovery and positive growth.

We place special focus on helping young adults regain their self-confidence and self-esteem, learn methods to cope with difficult situations and look towards an optimistic future.

Our team of experts are renowned in their fields and for treating young patients with care and sensitivity. We have helped clients from all over the world, including Australia, UK, America, the Middle East, and South-East Asia. Our programs and centres create a safe place for your teenager to get the help that they need and ensure that they achieve their goals in treatment. 

Laying the groundwork for a successful, happy life

Why Choose The Wave?

The Wave was created by a team that is passionate about Global Mental Health and determined to make a difference in the lives of teenagers and young adults who have additional needs.

Our programs are designed to create a life experience for young people and their families that connects the highest standards in medical care and psychiatric treatment with education, dynamic therapeutic practice and an international GAP-year experience.

Creating a Future Through Education

Therapeutic Boarding and Education

At The Wave, we understand the need to create a solid base to build a stable future, which is why education forms a central part of our core programs. We run the only Treatment Program to incorporate Personal Learning Plans for teenagers and young people in residential care.

However, education programs can only be successful if there is behavioural and mental health wellness and the first steps towards this lie in orientation and stability. That is why our clinical and medical teams ensure a sustained period of stability for all young people before starting any educational programs.

Making memories that last a lifetime

Experiences at The Wave

At The Wave we believe that treatment is a learning curve, a life experience and a big part in the process of transitioning from adolescence into adulthood.

Learning through experience, connecting with peers, leading and following instructions are all essential life skills. Acquiring knowledge and expertise allows young people to have a base from which they can approach social situations with increasing ease. Building trust-based friendships sets the scene for a future that is full of connection and social responsibility.

‘Experiences’ is one of the seven treatment elements in The Wave Programs and all our experiences are chosen to work within our young adult treatment plans.

Stay in the know about your child’s stay at The Wave

Parents Information Center

Sending your child to a different country for anything – let alone treatment – is a nerve-wracking experience. At The Wave, we understand this and will always work to ease your concerns and give you peace of mind. Stay updated and in the know with our ‘Parents Information Center’ – the main hub full of all the information you need.

From FAQs to useful resources, blogs, and libraries, have all your questions answered at the click of a button.

Creative solutions to recovery

Designed specifically for teenagers, young adults and their families

The Wave was created for young people and the families who love them. The Wave Programs offer young people the opportunity to combine exceptional medical care, with therapeutic excellence in a trauma-focused environment that offers opportunities for growth and discovery. They provide a creative haven for young people to connect with others, enjoy new experiences and recover. As one of the world’s leading adolescent treatment providers, we take pride in offering programs that are just a little bit different.

The Wave Programs are loved by families from around the world. Our 12-week minimum stay, medium to long-term trauma treatment and therapeutic boarding options, provide young people and families with programs that combine treatment with education and GAP year experiences, global citizenship with community and adventure.

Trauma in Teens & Young Adults

Eating Disorders

Personality Disorders

Behavioural Problems

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