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What is Trauma Informed Care and why do we need it?

What does trauma-informed care look like? When do we need to use trauma informed care?
The very first thing we need to have awareness of is just how common trauma is, and to recognise that almost every person who seeks treatment could have experienced at least one traumatic event in their life. We don’t always need to probe people about these experiences; instead, we need to assume that they may have this history and act accordingly. Trauma Informed Care (TIC) is appropriate for all our clients, regardless whether they disclose a trauma history or not. Care that is trauma informed involves prevention, recognition, and response to trauma-related difficulties. Experts agree that incorporating an awareness of trauma into medical care requires a systems-wide approach.

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A boy sitting at the front in a hall of empty desks, with his head on his arm.

What Happens When Kids Are Left Out of School?

Social exclusion and peer rejection can have serious consequences for young people’s mental health, leading to emotional and behavioural problems and low self-esteem. Social exclusion that is based on prejudice or bias is particularly damaging.

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