social media binge eating

Is excessive screen time during the COVID-19 crisis triggering binge eating in pre-teens?

In recent months, numerous research studies have highlighted the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis (and the increased ...
Isolation caused by COVID-19 triggers sharp rise in Eating Disorders among children.

Isolation caused by COVID-19 triggers sharp rise in Eating Disorders among Children

The impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on our bodies, for those unlucky enough to contract the disease, are ...
art therapy - the wave clinic

The Art of Healing – Using Art as Therapy with Teenagers and Young Adults

Art therapy is often used to help teenagers and young adults who are experiencing a range of challenges, such as ...
Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRB)

‘I feel fat’. What Does ‘Feeling Fat’ Really Mean?

Young People, Body Image and Eating Disorders Feeling fat. Is this an experience that you have had recently or that ...
Lockdown in the UK

Isolation – the enemy at home. Increased mental health concerns for UK Families

Boris Johnson has announced a return to the most stringent measures to combat the increasing numbers of Covid 19 in ...
children and covid19

COVID-19 stress drives a disturbing rise in hospital admissions for children and young people with eating disorders

The COVID‐19 pandemic has deeply disrupted daily life across the globe, with profound effects on both our physical and ...
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