Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRB)

When teens who are hurting; hurt themselves. Parenting young people who self-harm.

When I first meet the parents of a child or teen who self harms or self injures, I am confronted by fear, distress, ...
excluded from school

Excluded from School – Teenagers who find themselves at the end of the educational line

ADHD, Substance Use Disorder, Bipolar, emotional instability; along with other enduring mental health conditions can ...
purple drank

The escalating use of Over the Counter (OTC) Drugs in teenagers and young adults

What is Purple Drank? “Purple Drank” is a trendy, sweet-tasting drink, that is made up of prescription-grade cough ...
eating disorders

Walking on Eggshells at Home – Borderline Personality Disorder

What to do when your talking to your teenager feels like a minefield Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) presents ...
eating disorders

Eating Disorder Stories

“When I stopped using numbers to evaluate my self-worth, I started to see myself again”. We follow one ...
gaming addiction and children

Is my Child Addicted to Gaming? The tell-tale signs and how to help

Let’s be frank, as parents we didn’t grow up with the advanced technology our children enjoy today. Even if we had a ...
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