Understanding Dyspraxia.

Understanding Dyspraxia

 I’m not clumsy. I am not stupid and I hate having toothpaste on my shirt.Understanding Dyspraxia - A parent and ...

The long-term physical and mental effects of drug abuse

Drugs come in many forms; illegal, prescription and even over the counter medications that, if abused, can lead to a ...

The long-term physical and mental effects of alcohol abuse

Alcohol is the most readily available drug to society, and as such has long been used and abused. If it were to be ...

Insomnia and Depression

‘Insomnia’ is a word that we use and hear often. How much do we truly understand about insomnia and the links to ...

Drinking and Dependency – The Slippery Slope

Dependency on alcohol can sneak up on you without ever having realised there was a problem. A habit that is hard to ...

Hitting Out Against Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate Partner  Violence (IPV) is on the rise. In fact, over 50% of women will experience relationship violence at ...
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