The Wave Packing List

Packing means that you are one step closer to arriving at The Wave and we will certainly be looking forward to meeting you. 

Our packing advice is to pack enough clothes and toiletries for an extended-stay holiday, with plenty of light and washable clothes. Our wonderful housekeeping team will take great care of your laundry. It is best to bring clothes that are easy to wash and wear.

One of the reasons that we made the choice to create The Wave in Malaysia was the wonderful year round sunshine and tropical showers. Malaysia is very warm and humid. Bring clothes for exploring, clothes for relaxing, lounge wear and a couple of outfits for presentations, debates, our celebration nights, volunteer opportunities or teaching assignments.


Please bring two large suitcases of clothes that will last for two weeks. Please remember that Malaysia does not have seasons; it is hot and tropical all year round.

* Young people in our Eating Disorder Programs should have a selection of clothes for mealtimes, without pockets or concealed areas, for example, simple slip dresses for girls or sports shorts for boys.

Comfort Items

Ancillary Items

Important information

Please don’t worry if you are packing in a hurry or find that you don’t have the clothes to work with our climate, or feel that you may benefit from new sizes or styles. We can help you to buy and send e-gift cards for supervised shopping.
Bring plenty of things that are great for resourcing, your favourite things to touch, to smell and to look at. We are looking forward to getting to know you.

Housekeeping Services

We have a wonderful housekeeping team. They will take care of laundry and day-today needs. Please bring clothes that are machine-washable only. The laundry service uses hypo-allergenic washing powder.

The Wave is not liable for any damage to clothing or misplaced/lost clothing.
The Wave is not liable for damage to personal belongings. Please leave valuables at home

Travel Insurance

Please send or bring a copy of your most recent policy documents.

If you do not have travel insurance, or if you prefer to pay privately for any additional needs, please let our administration team know in advance.


There are currently no required vaccinations for travel from most countries to Malaysia.

Things to Leave at Home

All valuables. Please try to leave anything that has significant or sentimental value at home. The Wave is not able to accept liability for damage, loss or breakage of your items.

  • Laptops/iPads/Games Consoles
  • Sharp items, including some craft or hobby items
  • Jewellery
  • Aerosols any items containing alcohol (including some mouthwash brands).
  • Hand sanitiser is provided for all young people and families in all facilities, cars and on

We would ask that you leave at home any clothing items that have slogans that promote the use of drugs, violence or sex. Anything that is ‘low-cut’, very short, revealing or transparent.

Please leave snacks and other food items at home.


Together, we will begin your recovery journey

We are here to help

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Professional associations and memberships

We are here to help

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