Is a supportive treatment centre for teenagers and young adults. We are based in Malaysia and welcome families from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) who are looking for a recovery program that is confidential and culturally aware.


The Care Your Loved One Needs


The Wave Clinic Arabia provides a specially designed treatment option for teenagers, young adults and their families, who are suffering from eating disorders, mental health concerns, addiction, or other issues affecting young people. No matter what treatment is required, they are safe with us and will receive the care and attention they need. 

Our luxury residential facility is based near Kuala Lumpur, with direct flights from most major cities across the Middle East and North Africa. Accommodation is provided in individual, private suites for young adults. 

Treatment programs are carried out in a private and comfortable home-from-home environment, facilitated by a team of international psychiatrists, psychotherapists and clinicians, and supported by a 24-hour nursing team. All the team at The Wave Arabia are specialists in working with teenagers and young adults.

The 10-week core program incorporates intensive group, individual and family therapy sessions, offered in Arabic and English, which are customised for young people who need professional support during difficult periods of their life. Their progress is continually reviewed throughout the program and reports are sent to family members, and if required to a family physician. 

We can also offer extended stays when a medical and clinical assessment recommends further treatment and provide secondary/transitioning care for young adults who have successfully graduated from the primary treatment program at The Wave or at another centre where they have undertaken 12 week’s primary care.

In addition to our equipped onsite facilities, which include a full-sized indoor swimming pool, gym, sauna and jacuzzi area, young people are able to experience an exciting schedule of activities and cultural programs during their stay. Educational support is also available to young people who require individual tuition. 

The Wave Arabia prides itself on cultural sensitivity both in treatment and leisure time. We have a team of chefs, dieticians and nutritionists, who are able to provide for all dietary requirements. We also provide facilities and time for prayer and accompanied visits to the local Mosque when clinically appropriate. 

Our Approach


We encourage a dynamic, family-oriented, activities-based approach to recovery. Our programs are specifically designed for teenagers and young adults and customised to their needs.

1. A culturally sensitive environment for young people and families

2. Treating Addiction, Trauma. Eating Disorder and Mental Health in Arabic and English

3. Family therapy sessions available in Arabic or English

4. Halal food available

5. Activity-based program: sports, personal trainer, fitness, dance etc

6. Holistic Treatments. We focus on healing inside and out with massage, mindfulness, yoga and nutrition.

7. Excursions. As much as possible we inject a fun approach into treatment with day trips, adventure sports, gardening, cultural activities, and much more.

8. After-care. To ensure our clients don’t regress to old behaviours when they get home, we offer an after-care plan with distance and local professional support.

Our professional team are here to answer your questions


All our therapists are bilingual and trained in dealing with the needs of teenagers and young adults. They are here to answer any questions you have about pre, during, and after treatment.

During treatment, family members are provided with a 'WhatsApp’ or similar messaging system to communicate with the therapy team during treatment and beyond. We provide regular patient updates and medical progress reports.

Excellence in Young Minds


Yes, we are available to discuss your situation confidentially and securely. We are happy to host an online meeting room where we can talk through your concerns by video call or by telephone.

Yes, we have links with international schools and universities. We also have a specialist young persons educational expert in the UK who we are able to work with to place children in suitable UK boarding and day schools. She is able to provide follow on care and therapy at school or in her Harley Street offices.


Yes, we test on admission and routinely screen during transitional care. We will also train you how to do this at home and make testing kits available.

Yes, we test on admission and routinely screen during transitional care. We will also train you how to do this at home and make testing kits available.

For more FAQs, please refer to our FAQs page.

There's Always Hope

Recovery is not a journey that should be taken alone. Do you have questions?

Want to discuss your case? Are you looking to start the path to healing?

We’d love to talk to you. 


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