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Anxiety is a normal feeling that people experience in response to stressful situations. However, some young people experience anxiety that persists when there isn’t a stressful situation. We understand how difficult this can make daily life, and how impossible it can seem to break free from and flourish, but recovery is possible.

Seeing a loved one struggle with anxiety can be frustrating at times. Maybe you don’t understand why they’re acting the way they or you wish they could just snap out of it. It’s important to remember that your children aren’t doing this for attention- anxiety is a very real and complex disorder.

At The Wave, we offer a range of treatment options to help those struggling with anxiety better manage their symptoms and triggers. Alongside clinical treatment, we also provide young people with a chance to grow and learn through fun activities, educational opportunities, and team-building exercises.

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What Is It and How Does It Work?

Treatment for Anxiety

Anxiety is a treatable condition. With the right support, anxious feelings can be overcome, and young people can go on to live a fulfilling life. Anxiety treatment can improve symptoms of anxiety, like worry or panic attacks, and help those suffering re-engage with activities they may have avoided.

We offer a holistic healing experience, combining top-tier medical and clinical support with compassionate care and life skills development. We support young people in building the skills and resources they need to navigate the challenges of adulthood. We also empower them in all areas of life, offering structure and support in their recovery journey.

At The Wave, we look at anxiety through the lens of being human. We all have basic needs and desires and for some of us, those are more difficult to access than others. That’s why we always strive to become guides, mentors, and extended family for our young people. We know that no two people are the same, so all treatment programs will be fully personalised to make sure everyone’s unique needs are met.

Laying the groundwork for a bright life after recovery

The Seven Core Elements of Treatment

At The Wave, we support young people in overcoming symptoms of anxiety whilst developing positive ideas about the future. Our programmes consist of seven elements that help young people heal, grow, and build a brighter life.

During their time with us, young people develop the confidence to rediscover their dreams and uncover pathways that serve them. Our programmes provide a life-changing experience that can alter their outlook on life and open up a world of possibilities.

The seven elements include:

Anxiety can often make young people lack confidence and proper social skills. Small activities and interactions can trigger them, making them feel insecure and small. This can have a direct impact on the way they form relationships and approach life. Our clinical approach is designed to help them come to peace with their condition and better understand they’re triggers, and the kinds of things they can do to overcome their worries. 

Working closely with a team of psychotherapists, young people will come to understand the root cause of their anxiety and that no one is to blame, especially not themselves. 

Some of our clinical treatment options include:

  • Family therapy
  • One-to-one therapy
  • Expressive arts therapy
  • Somatic therapy 
  • Self-love techniques
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Group therapy

Helping every person develop a sense of self-awareness, our clinical approach aims to give young people the tools needed to transform and be more confident in every kind of situation they’re put in. 

Some young people benefit from taking medication alongside therapeutic and holistic treatment sessions. Prescription medicines, like antidepressants, can improve symptoms of general anxiety disorders. Likewise, medication including alprazolam (Xanax) and diazepam (Valium) can offer relief from acute anxiety and panic attacks.

As experts in child and adolescent mental health, we understand that young people often react differently to medicines than adults. For this reason, we always administer medication with appropriate levels of caution and care, discussing any new treatment plans or changes with young people and their families.

We strive to provide the best possible outcome for every young person’s needs during treatment. We offer medical tests like electrocardiograms (ECGs) and pathology in our facilities to monitor the effects of medications. We also partner with the local hospital to provide additional tests when necessary.

If untreated, anxiety can make it difficult for young people to develop healthy relationships and reach their full potential at school. Their worry and lack of confidence can stop them from trying new challenges or fully enjoying all educational opportunities offered to them. At The Wave, we believe no young person should be left behind, and that’s why one of our seven elements is education. 

 Every young person has so much ahead of them, and we’re here to help them see their potential and realise their dreams. Alongside therapy and medical treatment, we provide a range of educational opportunities designed to bolster a young person’s confidence and skills for life outside of our clinic. Whatever their dream is, we’re here to help arm them with the tools needed to achieve it.

Some of the educational pathways we offer include:

  • International GAP-year experiences
  • Continuation of GCSEs and A-Levels
  • Vocational courses (London School of Art, Royal Horticultural Society, Leith’s School of Cookery, and The British Horse Society)

Each young person will have their own personal learning plan (PLP) to help them stick to their goals and set the foundations for a solid future.

Anxiety can often make it difficult for young people to look outside of themselves and willingly step up to the plate. In the past, any kind of big interaction or new activity might have made them feel insecure or afraid. With our global citizenship program, they’ll not only learn how to develop friendships and bonds, but they’ll also learn valuable skills like teamwork and the importance of trying new things, no matter the outcome.

By taking part in these volunteering opportunities, young people will also get the chance to see just how powerful their small actions can have on others, giving them the confidence to work towards their own goals – helping them understand that a small action can have a big reaction.

With our outside-inside approach, young people have the opportunity to grow and develop a bank of skills that can be used in their future. All these strategies can be used in times of stress, helping them develop healthy coping mechanisms. 

We combine a range of creative and holistic treatments into each of our young person’s treatment plans, including:

  • Education on the food and body groups
  • Mindful movement
  • Tension, stress, and trauma release (TRE)
  • Reiki
  • Eating disorder informed yoga
  • Education on nourishment and healthy eating
  • Journalling and reflective writing
  • Team sports and group challenges

When treating mental health disorders like anxiety, our society so often focuses on psychological treatment.  While that’s crucial, we believe working on a young person’s physical wellbeing and health is just as important.

Anxiety can often impact relationships and the way a young person approaches life. They might be too scared to try new things, build new relationships, or put themselves into uncomfortable positions. At The Wave, we believe putting young people into fun and challenging experiences will help them grow and develop as human beings. Building a safe and stable environment for them to thrive, we provide a range of experiences designed to bolster their confidence to try new things and give them a chance to develop team-building skills.

Cultivating a strong team spirit, sense of accomplishment, and fun into our treatment programmes is what sets our approach apart from others. Our ‘experiences’ elements give young people the chance to take part in a range of experiences and exciting adventures, including:

  • Dance and drama productions
  • Fashion design 
  • Batik painting
  • Pottery
  • Horse riding
  • Jungle adventures
  • Orienteering
  • Rock climbing

 Anxiety doesn’t have to rob a young person of their potential. They’ve got so much ahead of them, and we’re keen to help them realise their dreams and ambitions, giving them the tools and resources to set the cogs into motion. 

Our dedicated care team works with each young person to develop an ongoing plan that will help ease them back into everyday life and transition healthily. We know that leaving behind the security and familiarity of treatment can be a little daunting, but we’re here to help each young person develop a set of goals and plans to work towards their future with confidence.

Having some kind of purpose when they leave our clinic will set them up for their future and make them more likely to stick to their goals, giving them the confidence to challenge themselves no matter the situation or interaction. 

“I came to The Wave about 2 ½ years ago, and I can’t speak highly enough about their service, support, and love I received (and still do) from the team. They have helped me build stable foundations for a life that now feels worth living. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without their amazing help, and I am lucky enough to call them my family.”

Anxiety Treatment Options

Recovering from Anxiety

We offer a multitude of treatments, designed to treat anxiety at its root cause and empower our young people with healthy coping strategies and improve their emotional resilience, including:

Art Therapy

During art therapy, young people can use drawing, painting, or any kind of creative activity to express their thoughts, feelings, and worries. Not only does it allow them to express thoughts and feelings that may be hard to verbalise, but it also helps them develop new skills and try new hobbies.

Creative outlets also provide a safe way to relax and destress, easing the symptoms of anxiety.
At The Wave, we give young people the chance to participate in a twelve-week course with the London School of Art every Saturday morning. This creative journey explores different art styles to build self-esteem and support young people’s recovery journeys.

Experiential Therapies

Some young people may find it difficult to verbalise their emotions or memories, and they may struggle to interact effectively with a therapist. In this instance, experiential, activity-based therapies allow young people to explore their feelings and develop skills through practical or creative activities.

This provides opportunities for them to build their self-confidence, develop new skills, and try new hobbies. Many experiential activities also involve group programming, helping clients confront social anxieties and build strong connections with others. At The Wave, we offer a range of therapeutic activities, including gardening, soap and jewellery making and music therapy.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is part of a young person’s daily schedule at The Wave. It’s a time for young people to share, listen, and learn from each other, offering mutual advice, encouragement, and support. Group therapy also helps young people recognise that they are not alone in their feelings and find acceptance in others’ experiences.

Whether developed for one specific anxiety disorder or aimed at a mixed group with various disorders, scientific research has shown group therapy to be an effective treatment for anxiety disorders. Group therapy may focus on education, altering negative thought patterns or cover general mental wellness skills like honest communication and developing bonds of mutual support between young people.

Frequently asked questions

Anxiety FAQ's

Anxiety disorders are the most common emotional disorders amongst adolescents. According to the World Health Organization, 3.6% of 10-14-year-olds and 4.6% of 15-19 year-olds experience an anxiety disorder.

Whilst anxiety disorders are common, they can have a severe impact on an individual’s daily life. However, with self-care, support networks, and treatment programmes, anxiety can be overcome.

Some risk factors can increase the likelihood of developing a mental disorder. Anxiety can also occur without exposure to any common risk factors.

Factors that can contribute to anxiety during teenage years include:

  • Exposure to adversity, such as physical or emotional neglect or abuse
  • Pressure to conform with friends
  • Media influence and gender norms that exacerbate the difference between someone’s lived reality and their perception or future goals
  • Quality of the home environment
  • Relationships with friends
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Lack of access to services

Anxiety can be treated in many ways. Every person is unique, and we encourage our client’s to try different things to find out what works best for them. For example, young people could explore:

  • Self-help
  • Local groups
  • Medication
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Talking therapy
  • Experiential therapy

In addition, professional support offers the guidance, care, and expertise young people need to overcome anxiety.

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