Residential Treatment in Beautiful Malaysia

Our Location & Facilities

The Wave is one of the few services available for the treatment of teenagers and young adults with highly specialised programs for eating disorders, personality disorders and addictions worldwide.

Malaysia is a fabulous place to find healing and sanctuary. Our tropical climate and year round sunshine affords opportunities for activities and adventures that are not possible in many other locations.

Malaysia is a trusted destination for medical tourism, with a number of Joint Commission accredited hospitals. The Malaysia Health Travel Council facilitates the development of partnerships and clinical excellence worldwide.

Our modern, luxurious facilities are just a 20-minute drive from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and set in a secure location with enhanced app-based entry for preapproved visitors and guests.

A moment that our young people tell us that they will remember forever

Luxury Primary and Secondary Treatment Houses

The Wave is made up of several houses, all beautifully designed to meet the needs of young people.

Our Main House is over 20,000 sq ft and set over four floors in the most prestigious area in Greater Kuala Lumpur.

Walking through the oversized wooden doors and into the Great Hall is a moment that our young people tell us that they will remember forever. The warm welcome from our community is always wonderful to witness.

Our Main House is home to 16 young people; with a further six places in Transitions House (our secondary care house) and five in our Higher Level of Care program. The Main House is the treatment hub. Our beautiful art rooms, dance and yoga studio, indoor pool, cookery studio, waterfall with resident koi carp, basketball court, table tennis, gym, music room, small library, TV lounge, sun deck, rooftop terrace with cinema, dining rooms and three well-appointed family therapy suites provide all the elements of luxury treatment that is focused purely on the needs of our young guests.

A sense of belonging and community from the moment that they arrive

Bedrooms: A Place to Call Home

Housed within beautifully manicured gardens with 360° panoramic terraces, our spacious suites are single or shared occupancy, all with en-suite bathrooms.

Our bedrooms are allocated based upon clinical need and appropriate companionship. We use a double buddy system to ensure that our most recent arrivals feel a sense of belonging and community from the moment that they arrive.

Rooms are allocated in order to promote safety, connection and friendship. Young people will progress through rooms allocated for high needs moving towards more independence as they progress through treatment. Rooms may be shared or single occupancy depending upon the reason for admission and our own safety assessments.

Our young guests are free to decorate and bring items from home to personalise their space.

My time at The Wave was one of the best experiences in my life. I participated in many activities, learnt new life skills and made friends from other countries. It opened my eyes and gave me new knowledge and experience to be a better person. Thank you, The Wave, for giving me the best memory ever.

Body Positive, Neutral Spaces

Dining Rooms and Kitchen

Many of our young people have struggled with mealtimes. Those joining our Eating Disorder Programs may have fear and anxiety about joining others at mealtimes. For many, this may provoke a trauma response and panic.

Our dining rooms are designated as ‘body positive zones’. We have a neutral and calm space, where any talk about food, diets, body shape and plate talk is discouraged. Full support is provided by our dieticians, nutritionists and recovery coaching team, many of who are eating disorder recovery champions themselves.

Meals and snacks are eaten in our dining rooms, with as much or as little support as required.

Our onsite chef works with our dietician to develop individual meal plans for each of our young people, taking into account both personal preferences and any health concerns. Fresh, nutritious, gourmet meals are prepared daily, and our young people regularly participate in choosing, preparing and cooking lunches at weekends.

We use the creative and the out-of-the-box to find ourselves and find connection with other

Art, Cookery, Sewing, Creativity, Drama and Dance

The Wave has indoor and outdoor spaces where creativity is encouraged and magic really happens. We use the creative and the out-of-the-box to find ourselves and find connection with others. We enjoy regular special projects, celebrations and art projects – building teams and encouraging leaders of the future.

Indoor Pool, Sauna and Spa

Our large indoor pool is situated in the middle of the house and visible from every floor. It is home to our team games, including our weekly Water Polo Match, which starts our week off with fun and laughter. Our in-house champion, Cath, can usually be found refereeing the splashing.

Our pool area is also the centre of evening and weekend fun with friends.

Safety and Security for Young People

Peace of Mind for Parents

We enjoy high levels of security, with all visitors and guests receiving security clearance prior to entering our exclusive and remote location. Uniformed security is on duty day and night, providing a discreet level of care for our young guests. CCTV is operational and monitored in all external and internal areas 24 hours each day.

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