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Watching a young person struggle with addiction isn’t easy. You feel hopeless, frustrated, and angry – you only want what’s best for them. You can see they have so much ahead of them and so much potential, so it’s difficult for you to understand why they’ve allowed drugs to have such an impact on their life. The reality is, addiction is more than just a craving. It’s a psychological disease and your child isn’t as in control of the situation as you might think.

Once a young person becomes dependent on drugs or alcohol, it can be very difficult to break the cycle on their own. They might even start taking more to achieve the same ‘rush’ they had earlier in their addiction. Things can become especially complicated if they’re hanging out in circles that take drugs or abuse substances – peer pressure in itself can be a big thing to overcome. Over time, this can lead to bigger complications like liver damage, seizures, and stroke, as well as an overdose.

The good news is, recovery is always possible. With the right care and support, anyone can overcome their addiction and flourish. At The Wave, our trauma-focused treatment approach aims to set up every young person for their bright future. We don’t just focus on medical treatment – we focus on healing from the inside out.

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What Is It and How Does It Work?

Treatment for Addictions

The Wave is not a typical addiction treatment center. In fact, we wouldn’t even class ourselves as a treatment center at all. We look at addiction through a trauma lens, but also through the lens of being human. We all have basic needs and desires and for some of us, those are more difficult to access than others. That’s why we always strive to become guides, mentors, and extended family for our young people. We know that no two people are the same, so all treatment programs will be fully personalised to make sure everyone’s unique needs are met.

We don’t just provide medical treatment – we believe in treating the person as a whole. Alongside medical detox, we also offer a range of therapies and approaches designed to elevate wellbeing and overall health.

Laying the groundwork for a bright life after recovery

The Seven Core Elements of Treatment

At The Wave, our treatment programs are built on seven elements, each designed to nurture young people in all areas of their personal development. Addiction is more than just a psychological condition. It doesn’t just affect the body or brain – it also affects relationships and a young person’s confidence and personal life.

Each of the seven elements will help young people rebuild their confidence and independence, equipping them with a firm education and opportunities to give back, and setting them up for their life after recovery.

The seven elements include:

Addiction often impacts relationships and the way young people view themselves. They might feel guilty or ashamed about what they’ve done or who they’ve hurt in the process, and our clinical approach is designed to help them make peace with themselves. Working closely with a team of psychotherapists, young people will come to understand the root cause of their addiction and that no one is to blame, especially not themselves. They’ll also learn how to develop healthy coping mechanisms in times of stress, ensuring that they don’t give into cravings in difficult times.

Some of our clinical treatment options include:

  • Family therapy
  • One-to-one therapy
  • Expressive arts therapy
  • Somatic therapy 
  • Self-love techniques
  • Twelve-step program
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Group therapy

Helping every person develop a sense of self-awareness, our clinical approach aims to give young people the tools needed to transform and stick to their recovery journey. Young people struggling with addiction often have other problems and conditions, also known as co-occurring disorders. Therapeutic care can help uncover these disorders and shed light on the reasons they might have turned to drugs or alcohol in the first place.

At The Wave, we don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to treatment. Addiction is a complex disease, and no two cases will be the same. That’s why our medical approach is always focused on providing every young person with a fully personalized treatment plan that suits their needs. 

After an examination, each young person will undergo medical detox. This is simply a process that aims to remove all traces of drugs from the system. This can be an uncomfortable experience, but it’s vital to recovery. Withdrawal usually sets in within a few days, producing symptoms like body aches, chills, and nausea. To make the transition easier, we’ll provide medication that alleviates symptoms and aids recovery.

Once detox has been completed, our job doesn’t stop there. We believe aftercare is just as important, so will continue to support every young person until they leave our clinic. Whenever they feel under pressure or anxious about relapsing, we’ll be here to help them get back on track. Recovery is a life-long commitment, and we’re here to help guide them until they feel strong enough to do it on their own. Our doors are always open.

We firmly believe that no young person should be left behind, and that’s why one of our seven elements is education. Addiction all too often interrupts important life-stages for young people, halting things like university and education in their tracks. At The Wave, we don’t see why young people shouldn’t work towards their future while recovering. As well as giving them purpose, it sets them up for their bright future.

 Every young person has so much ahead of them, and we’re here to help them see their potential and realise their dreams. Alongside therapy and medical treatment, we provide a range of educational opportunities designed to bolster a young person’s confidence and skills for life outside of our clinic. Whatever their dream is, we’re here to help arm them with the tools needed to achieve it.

Some of the educational pathways we offer include:

  • International GAP-year experiences
  • Continuation of GCSEs and A-Levels
  • Vocational courses (London School of Art, Royal Horticultural Society, Leith’s School of Cookery, and The British Horse Society)

Each young person will have their own personal learning plan (PLP) to help them stick to their goals and set the foundations for a solid future.

Addiction can often rob young people of their hobbies and things they once loved to do. Activities and friendships are all put on the backburner, causing them to let go of things they once held so dear. Our global citizenship programme aims to change this, giving everybody a chance to give back and take part in volunteering opportunities. Not only will this give them a chance to build bonds with others, but it will also help them reconnect with something important and worthwhile – something that they might even carry into their life after recovery.

Having something that they can do and focus on once they leave the clinic can greatly aid their recovery journey, giving them a renewed sense of purpose and hope.

We believe it’s just as important to develop inner resources and tools that can be used to lay a solid foundation for lasting wellness and success. With our outside-inside approach, young people have the opportunity to grow and develop a bank of skills that can be used in their future. All these strategies can be used in times of stress, helping them develop healthy coping mechanisms instead of giving into cravings and turning back to old habits.

We combine a range of creative and holistic treatments into each of our young person’s treatment plans, including:

  • Education on the food and body groups
  • Mindful movement
  • Tension, stress, and trauma release (TRE)
  • Reiki
  • Eating disorder informed yoga
  • Education on nourishment and healthy eating
  • Journalling and reflective writing
  • Team sports and group challenges

Addiction often takes a toll on a young person’s mental and physical wellbeing, so our outside/inside approach gives them a chance to rebuild their health and understand what they can do to bring a little bit of peace to their everyday life.

ADHD can often impact relationships and the way a young person approaches life. They might lack the confidence to try new things or give an activity their all.  That’s why our ‘experiences’ element is designed to help bolster their confidence to try new things and give them a chance to develop team-building skills. 

Cultivating a strong team spirit, sense of accomplishment, and fun into our treatment programmes is what sets our approach apart from others. We don’t just focus on medical and clinical treatment – we’re also keen to get our young people involved in fun challenges and experiences that will empower them and help them learn new life skills.

That’s why one of our seven core elements is experiences. All young people have the chance to take part in a range of experiences and exciting adventures, including:

  • Dance and drama productions
  • Fashion design 
  • Batik painting
  • Pottery
  • Horse riding
  • Jungle adventures
  • Orienteering
  • Rock climbing

Addiction doesn’t have to rob a young person of their potential. They’ve got so much ahead of them, and we’re keen to help them realise their dreams and ambitions, giving them the tools and resources to set the cogs into motion.

Our dedicated care team works with each young person to develop an ongoing plan that will help ease them back into everyday life and transition healthily. We know that leaving behind the security and familiarity of treatment can be a little daunting, but we’re here to help each young person develop a set of goals and plans to work towards their future with confidence.

Having some kind of purpose when they leave our clinic will help set them up for their future and limit the chances of them returning to old habits. With a renewed sense of hope and inspiration, they’ll be more likely to stick to their goals and go on to lead a fulfilling life.

“I came to The Wave about 2 ½ years ago, and I can’t speak highly enough about their service, support, and love I received (and still do) from the team. They have helped me build stable foundations for a life that now feels worth living. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without their amazing help, and I am lucky enough to call them my family.”

Addiction Treatment Options

Recovering from Addiction

We offer a range of treatment options for addiction in young people including:

One-to-One Therapy

During one-to-one therapy, each young person meets regularly with a dedicated therapist. These sessions offer a safe space for them to open up, share any worries and concerns, and get to the root of their addiction. Young people are also encouraged to learn how to handle their emotions and develop healthy coping mechanisms in times of stress and worry. Not only will this ensure they don’t give in to cravings, but it will also help them become more introspective and self-aware.

Though it can be difficult for teens and young adults to open up, our dedicated therapists will help them come to terms with what has happened and unpick any traumas or mental health concerns that may have contributed to their addiction. In doing so, triggers can be identified, and coping strategies can be developed to help them learn how best to navigate their sobriety.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a great way for young people to open up in a judgement-free space – we know this might be daunting at first, but it’s a great opportunity for them to learn from others on a similar journey to themselves. Not only will it give them a chance to hear from those who have recovered, but it will also help them form connections and bonds.

As many young people struggling with addiction will isolate themselves from their friends and family members, group therapy encourages those in recovery to participate in activities with people their age. Group therapy also offers an opportunity for many to work on their interpersonal skills, such as active listening and conflict resolution.

Family Therapy

At The Wave, we understand that addictions don’t just affect the sufferer; they also affect the whole family. It can be devastating to discover that a young person has an addiction. Although many family members want to do whatever they can to help them, they may struggle to understand precisely how to do so.

Not only do we keep close communication with the family, but we offer family therapy to help families digest what is happening, express their fears and concerns, and learn how to move forward and best support their loved ones.

Organic Kitchen Garden

We believe in taking a holistic approach to addiction recovery. To help those in our care recover, we offer a wide range of physical activities that keep the mind and body engaged, as well as helping them try and develop new hobbies. These activities also promote well-being and positivity.

Young people can join us in planting and harvesting fruits, flowers, and vegetables before cooking them and preparing delicious meals for everyone to enjoy in our organic kitchen. Young people can even take part in courses run by The Royal Horticultural Society during their stay and learn skills they can take home with them.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is popular amongst teens and young people at The Wave. Not only does art therapy provide a safe and tranquil space for many to express themselves creatively, but it offers an additional outlet to those who find it difficult to talk about their feelings.

Alongside art therapy, we also offer young people the chance to complete courses with The London School of Art. Here, they can gain new skills, meet new people, and increase their self-esteem – all the while working on something fun and productive.

Frequently asked questions

Addiction FAQ's

There are many reasons why a person might develop an addiction. Genes and family history can play a part, making it more likely for children with parents or siblings struggling with addiction to meddle in drugs and alcohol themselves.

Many young people mask the pain of mental illness with substance abuse, so it’s not uncommon for people to have co-occurring disorders like anxiety and depression that push people into addiction.

It’s key to remember that addiction can happen to absolutely anyone and that your child isn’t to blame. There’s no one set cause, so try to approach their problem without any judgment or anger.

With the right treatment, support, and care, recovery is always possible. At The Wave, our multifaceted treatment approach combines so many different elements from therapy and medical detox to education – helping to treat every young person from the inside out. Addiction is a complex disease, but so long as young people have adequate support and aftercare, they’re completely capable of overcoming addiction and living a fulfilling life.

If you think a young person is suffering from addiction, approach them with love and care. Even if you don’t understand what they’re going through, it’s key that you show them you’re not upset with them. Right now, they need to know that you don’t judge them for what they’ve done. Try to have an open and honest conversation with them, but be careful not to push them. If you’re struggling, give our care team a call. They’ll be more than happy to offer you guidance and answer any questions you might have.

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