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The Wave is one of the few International Programs dedicated to exceptional mental health care for children, teenagers, young adults and their families. Our success is attributable to our amazing Wave Family, a team of professionals who are undoubtedly the brightest stars in their specialist areas.

Our international team is not only dedicated and experienced, they are thoroughly nice people who have created a superb collaboration where anything is possible. 


The Wave continues to grow and develop new innovative programs for young people and their families. We are always interested to hear from talented professionals and aspiring superstars, who share our vision and passion for excellence in child and adolescent mental health. 

We love to hear from professionals around the world. If you are visiting Malaysia or Asia and would like to visit us, we would love to see you. A warm welcome awaits, together with an opportunity to experience life at The Wave. 

The clinical team at The Wave are a lively bunch, speaking seven languages between them and having specialist interests in a wide variety of subjects and therapeutic modalities. The team includes Trauma-Focused Mental Health Practitioners, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Counsellors, Social Workers, Recovery Specialists, Lived-experience Experts, Relationship Therapists, LGBTQIA specialists and Family Therapists. 

We welcome applications from experienced mental health professionals who hold international accreditation or licence in their home country and who have a minimum of five years’ clinical experience. 

We welcome applications from doctors and registered nurses (General Medicine and Psychiatry). 

We would also love to hear from dieticians and nutritionists specialising in eating disorders (EDRD). We welcome applications for our residential programs and for remote positions worldwide. 

Applicants should hold full registration in their home country and able to meet the criteria to obtain registration In Malaysia. 

We are also able to provide placements for doctors and nurses in eating disorder specialities and CAMHS placements.

The Wave is a place where learning and enquiry is actively encouraged. We are really delighted to hear from young people during their journey into early career mental health. 

Due to the levels of security, confidentiality and safeguarding that we provide our young people and their families, we are not able to offer internships or short-term placements at undergraduate level.

We are able to provide international internships and placements for psychotherapy students in training, subject to a supervisors and tutors report, referencing and safeguarding. 

Our placements should meet the requirements of most UK Psychotherapy Training placements. 

The Wave is a home from home to young people from all over the world. We embrace and celebrate our diversity and the unique cultural blend that is ‘home’. Our house parents and guest services teams, together with our housekeepers, laundry and Experiences team help to make our environment nurturing, supported and warm. We welcome applications from suitably qualified applicants, pastoral care teachers, boarding house parents and house managers for our houses in Kuala Lumpur. Guest services applicants should have a background in hospitality, events management or ‘front of house’.

As the only eating disorder treatment facility in Asia, and one of the few in the world that specialises in treating children and teenagers, our food and beverage team have a wonderful opportunity to develop skills and expertise in a this specialist area.

Working closely with our resident dietician and eating disorder team, our kitchen champions nurture with nutrition. We are always delighted to hear from chefs (of all levels), kitchen assistants, and food and beverage stars, who are passionate about delivering opportunities to young people to explore, create and enjoy their experience with food in our communities. 

We love sharing our experience and we love learning. We are always happy to talk with our colleagues in education, mental health and social work and share our knowledge. We are also more than happy to be contacted with training opportunities for our team to take part in. We are always open to listen, to learn, to share and to inspire.
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Open positions

We are currently accepting applications for Primary and Secondary Care positions and therapists in International Private Practice for remote working and telehealth consultations. 

Therapists in training and newly qualified therapists are encouraged to apply to us once they have completed a minimum of 450 clinical hours in training, have a record of ongoing clinical supervision and a record of personal therapy throughout their training. 

Applicants who have lived or worked in the UK should hold an ICPC (International Child Protection Certificate). You may apply for this at Applicants from other countries should be able to provide an equivalent police check, enhanced disclosure or document of good standing. 

All applicants applying for clinical positions should currently hold or be studying towards a Child Protection and Safeguarding Award of Level 3 (or above).

Here’s what our team has to say …


The alarm goes off in the morning and I pop out of bed looking forward to the day at The Wave. I never quite understood what people meant by ‘Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’ until now, and I truly have been grateful to have found it. A job that is one that allows me to experience joy, passion, excitement, fun, support, growth and love, every single day.

It means that I get an opportunity to make a difference in the world, by making a difference in the lives of the amazing kids in our care. Dancing together at every occasion to celebrate, witnessing their day to day growth to connecting with themselves, laughing together at mealtime conversations, the fun through our team challenges, and seeing them move towards a place of healing and peace with themselves, the courage and resilience I witness in our young adults is an inspiration to experience and one that I am very honoured to be a part of. Through this support and belonging I feel every day, The Wave is a place that I call home, and The Wave community, my family.


Ash Certified TRE® Provider

My life at The Wave is a pretty special one. As a TRE provisioner, I get to see young adults reconnect to their bodies again- feel sensations that they have lost touched with for many years, and relive tension and stress which has been holding them back inside. As a recovery coach, I get to have some many conversations sharing the ‘bad and good’ and we mainly come out having a laugh about it all working on the next steps forward.

The kids at The Wave remind that they deserve every chance of a future worth living and striving for, as I was once one of them in their position and know recovery is possible



My job at the wave means that i get to help others in their lives with lived experience and medical knowledge, it means hope where often in a young adult world, struggling with mental health can feel hopeless and it means not giving up on someone untill we have tried every available resources.

The wave to me is my home, the people and the atmosphere are my symbol of love. The Wave to me is a bond that is unique and special. The YA are the wave often reminds me of my younger self and seeing their transformation with their genuine willingness  mean a lot to me. Seeing the growth and the journey of a young adult allows me to know that i am being a part of a large healing process and this make me happy.


Logo The Wave

Working at The Wave has been really rewarding as I know that every interaction that I have with the young adults could make a difference in their recovery. What sets The Wave apart from other rehabilitation centers is that The Wave is highly activities focused, ranging from athletic, cultural to spiritual experiences. Seeing the young adults progress and move towards recovery has been nothing but fulfilling. I am incredibly proud of how far they have come and the amount of work they have put in throughout their recovery journey. The young adults in The Wave symbolizes hope and that recovery is possible.


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