Creating a Future Through Education

Therapeutic Boarding and Education

We believe in inclusive education, regardless of mental health or behavioural health issues. Education forms an integral part of our programs, including Personal Learning Plans.

We understand the need to create a solid base to build a stable future, which is why education forms a central part of our core programs. We run the only Treatment Program to incorporate Personal Learning Plans for teenagers and young people in residential care.

However, education programs can only be successful if there is behavioural and mental health wellness and the first steps towards this lie in orientation and stability. That is why our clinical and medical teams ensure a sustained period of stability for all young people before starting any educational programs.

A Life-Long Love of Learning

Our Education Program

The Wave Therapeutic Boarding and Education Programs combine an International Educational Curriculum with therapeutic and psychiatric support, ensuring that our young people have the very best opportunities for educational support in recovery.

Once we have ensured emotional and behavioural stability, we then incorporate PLP. These exclusive programs ensure that teenagers and young adults are able to pick up where they left off.

We work in conjunction with each young person’s current place of education (if appropriate), including schools, colleges and educational facilities, to ensure the continuation of current curriculum requirements – through one-to-one and group tuition.

Alternatively, we assist in finding new educational pathways. We have collaborated with several UK, Australian & worldwide higher education partners to provide traditional secondary, tertiary and vocational qualifications.

Our leavers are all encouraged to continue education as part of their ongoing recovery plans.

Teenagers with a disrupted education, who have missed a substantial amount of schooling or changed schools several times may feel that they are falling behind their peer group. This often leads to a lack of self-confidence and a drop in self-esteem. Our expert team works to minimise the impact of lower self-esteem by bridging the knowledge gap through a variety of short courses, taken online with one-to-one support and plenty of encouragement.

Our source for these courses are UK universities with full online learning to provide a great start to reintroducing success and creative learning styles. We also incorporate group learning through hands-on and online study, group projects and assignments. This creates a supportive, non-competitive environment for understanding through enquiry.

Our expert in-house tutors are all are university lecturers, professional educators or Special Educational Needs (SEN) specialists. This means we can bridge the British Curriculum, IB study routes, Canadian Education System and standard educational requirements for the USA and Australia.

For those teenagers and young people who do not find learning easy or have additional challenges or SEN, we offer additional one-to-one support. We do this always within a framework that maintains inclusion and provides opportunities at the right level to boost confidence and self-awareness in learning.

Our educational psychologists are available to provide detailed reports for parents and families, future schools or as an overview on potential attainment.

Young people aged 14 and over are able to join our GCSE study program. GCSE programs are both online and in person whilst in Primary and Secondary treatment programs at The Wave.

Teenagers and young adults who join our therapeutic boarding school programs are eligible to study up to six GCSE subjects in conjunction with supported learning and a full therapeutic program.

We currently offer 8 GCSE options, with a full online curriculum

Teenagers and young adults over the age of 16, who have completed the initial phases of treatment, may choose from a variety of options and educational pathways.

Young people may choose up to 3 A level subjects. We also offer the option to join GCSE Maths and English for those over 18 years of age.

Our pre-university program is a preparatory course for teenagers and young people who may have missed out on the opportunity to complete A levels or IB. This foundation course prepares young people with the knowledge and study skills required to successfully complete an undergraduate degree at university.

The Wave Team is extremely proud of our learners who have gained unconditional offers into their first choice of university, having completed our foundation programs. We are delighted to have successfully partnered with Reading University in undergraduate and foundation level degrees.

In conjunction with UK and Australian universities, we are able to support online learning with one-to-one in-person support to tuition.

Our learners have enjoyed success in diverse areas, from Accounting and Business, to Fashion Design, Teaching and Psychology.

Young people often find a passion during their time at The Wave that can fuel a desire for a change in direction or reignite an old passion. We have had successful entry to Postgraduate Study Programs at The Wave leading to young adults leaving us with new career options and interests to aid long-term recovery from eating disorders and mental health issues.

We are able to facilitate a variety of certificate and diploma courses at Levels 5 & 6, which may count towards university entry.

Our learners have had success in Business Studies, Horticulture, Jewellery Design, Interior Design, Montessori Teaching, Early Childhood Development and Dance.

Education forms a central part of our core programs

Personal Learning Program

We work in conjunction with each young person’s current place of education (if appropriate), to ensure the continuation of current curriculum requirements – through one-to-one and group tuition.

Alternatively, we assist in finding new educational pathways. We have collaborated with several UK, Australian & worldwide higher education partners to provide traditional secondary and tertiary qualifications, including:

  • GCSE (age 14 plus)
  • A Levels (age 16 plus) 
  • Mature Students 
  • British Curriculum (from Year 8) 
  • International Leavers Certificates
  • Pre-Uni or Foundation Courses 
  • Undergraduate 
  • Post Graduate 

Work through the challenges involved in commitment to others

Vocational Learning and Training for Life

Vocational subjects are always popular, and our learners have had great success with topics as diverse as Theatre Studies and Reiki. Our vocational options currently include The Royal Horticultural Society, The London School of Art, Leith’s School of Cookery and The British Horse Society, together with short courses in a variety of subjects, such as:

  • Equine Studies
  • British Horse Riding Examinations
  • Makeup and Theatre Arts
  • Reiki (levels 1 and 2)
  • Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®)
  • Animal Welfare
  • Yoga for the Special Child
  • Yoga Teacher Training
  • IELTS (local test centres available).

Young people based at Transitions House can gain voluntary placements and work experience to develop their knowledge or fulfil internship of placement hours. We have developed excellent relationships with local NGOs, schools and organisations to provide opportunities for our young people under the guidance of our clinical and education teams.

Gathering life experiences and new skills

Short Courses and Group Learning

Introductory courses are available for group study in a wide variety of subjects for personal interest, to develop conversational skills or simply to get a taster of something new. Our group courses currently include:

  • The Psychology of Happiness
  • British Sign Language
  • Safe Guarding Children Level 1
  • Cache 2 Teaching Assistant Certificate
  • Business Studies
  • Fashion Design
  • Financial Management.

Gathering life experiences and new skills – in a nurturing, positive, group environment – not only improves relationships and an understanding of the self and others but also greatly improves our young people’s chances for success post-treatment.

Combining education with my treatment helped me to rebuild my work ethic and learn how to balance work alongside maintaining my recovery. As studying and working are a part of life, relearning how to do this in an effective way whilst in a supported environment helped me to uncover what aspects I found more difficult and needed more support with.

Our young people are successful in treatment and beyond

100% Completion Rate

Our focus on education is just one of reasons that our young people are successful in treatment and beyond. We are really proud of our 100% completion rate.

Our young people choose to stay in the safety and security of The Wave.

Our programs combine traditional evidence based treatment, with individual learning plans and ‘GAP’ year activities. We have the perfect combination of skills for living, experiential pursuits and mental health services. For us, treatment is a bridge to a future filled with hope.


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