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Professional Referrals

Thank you for considering The Wave. The Wave has become a trusted clinical partner for many professionals in Asia, Europe, The Middle East and Australia as a treatment provider for young adults, teens and families. With specialist programs for chemical dependancy, behavioural health, Eating Disorders, Mood disorders and Psychosis service; The Wave offers a realistic option for residential primary, secondary and outpatient care. Our clinically focused programs are supported by 24 hour onsite medical care, led by our Medical Director, Dr. Rasyid (Consultant Psychiatrist) and supported by our partners in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, nurse practitioners and an international team of therapists.

Many of our families arrive having had previous treatment experiences, often appearing treatment resistant or complex in presentation. Often the family is overwhelmed and in need of support outside of the traditional scope of residential care. We have developed extensive family care models where we are able to support the whole family through our main facility and with the exceptional working relationship with fellow professionals worldwide.

We understand that through your dedication to providing exemplary care for your patients, that you will take time to understand the most appropriate referral pathways for your patients and their families. Our relationships with our clinical partners are exceptionally important to us, as is our integrity and ethical standing towards appropriate referrals.

We would like you to experience the difference at The Wave first hand and invite you to join us to better understand the vibrant, creative and special place that we have created.

Clinical Approach

The Wave is a child and adolescent centre of excellence with a staff ratio of 2:1. Our team are trained in a variety of evidence based therapies, each certified in their home country. Our schedule allows for 3 daily group therapy sessions and individual sessions as required. We don’t put a ceiling on the number of sessions that a patient can benefit from. We use traditional and creative therapy styles; beginning each day with group process. We enjoy thinking outside the box and challenging young people in all aspects of development. D.B.T, C.B.T, Dance & Movement therapy, Art therapy, I.F.S, Trauma informed practice, EMDR and peer positive community are the foundations of our practice.

All admissions to The Wave are clinically appropriate. We will listen to you and take time to understand your patients needs, Together, we will assess whether The Wave can offer the very best chance of success.

We will gather any appropriate medical records or therapeutic reports and when appropriate support you in introducing the concepts of care to the family. We have brochures and weekly diary and events pictures that can help you to show the ‘real’ picture.

The referral process can be made directly to our admissions or clinical team. Should you wish to discuss a patient with a member of our clinical or medical team, we can schedule a call at a time convenient to you.

If you would like to meet with us to discuss a patient in person, we would be happy to welcome you to our home. If you are making a recommendation directly to the patient or family; they are able to contact us directly by email, telephone or what’s app.

Family Therapy

As part of our philosophy, we adhere to family inclusion throughout our practice. We work with the families throughout the treatment episode to provide a stable base for returning home. We require our families to undertake individual or couples therapy, where recommended.

We welcome families to The Wave during treatment and again prior to discharge. This ensures that we can work through both the educational and conflict resolution with active interventions.

Where appropriate, we request the company of the referring clinician for the final pre discharge family session. The sessions are usually 3/4 full days. Where this is not possible, due to existing commitments, we can send a request for Skype/Zoom/video links during the final sessions.

Together, we will begin your recovery journey

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