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Our Outpatient Services

Whilst there are many instances when residential services are needed, there are other levels of care available to support young people and their families who are further along their treatment journey. The Wave outpatient services provide assessments, consultations, appointments and intensive outpatient programs from the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Outpatient services and appointments can build a treatment bridge for those who are unable to locate adolescent mental health services near to home or those who require the specialist knowledge of The Wave Team in Eating Disorder psychiatry or Borderline Personality Disorder psychiatric management. Our experienced and dedicated adolescent mental health teams are able to support young people and their families who require outpatient appointments or transitional care.

We are careful to assess young people to ensure they receive a level of care that is appropriate to their needs and requirements for safety.

Helping young people

Alumini Group

Group therapy dedicated to supporting young people who have completed residential programs at The Wave . Enjoy reconnecting with your peers and sharing in 90 minute process style groups weekly.

Young people leaving The Wave will have access to 4 complimentary groups. Further groups are booked in semesters of 12 weeks.

Facilitated by Members of The Wave Clinical Teams in Kuala Lumpur and London
Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly.

USA – 9am ( New York)
U.K. – 9am (London)

Cost £75 per session

The most appropriate treatment options based upon the clinical and medical needs.

Our Different Levels of Care

There are many different avenues to approach treatment for young people and their families. 

Our assessment process is designed to help families understand the levels of care available and the most appropriate treatment options based upon the clinical and medical needs of each young person. We use International Standard Protocols on care to provide best advice to families at all times. 

Levels of care range from weekly appointments with a therapist and psychiatrist (if needed), intensive day care programs and residential treatment, to inpatient treatment, involuntary admissions and hospitalisation.

At The Wave, we take time to carefully listen to your needs in treatment, previous treatment history, medical history and current concerns. We also consider the safety of the young person in every assessment. Mental health requires specialist treatment and we will be certain to advise you on the most appropriate treatment pathways.

We will take note of any risks to the young person or those around them and any previous outpatient experiences. We may request medical reports, school reports or other details that will help us to access the needs of each young person.  

We only recommend or engage in non-residential treatment plans, when it is medically and clinically safe to do so.

Thank you for last night’s online family therapy session. It was like a years worth of therapy in one session and I am amazed and delighted by the progress we have made. Thank you.

Online & in-person

Outpatient Services at The Wave

All our non-residential and international treatment services are available both online and in-person for young people and their families who meet our stringent criteria and risk assessments.

We are able to offer a wide range of mental health services, including:

Psychiatrists are medical doctors. They focus on the branch of medicine known as psychiatry. At The Wave, our psychiatrists specialise in all areas of mental health, including eating disorders, substance use, emotional and behavioural disorders – and are able to prescribe medications where necessary.

Outpatient appointments are available to assist young people over the age of 18, who are experiencing psychological concerns. 

Child and adolescent psychiatrists are medical doctors who are further qualified in psychiatry, with the additional specialisation to look after young people under the age of 18.

At The Wave, our child and adolescent psychiatrists specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of children, teenagers and their families – and are able assess cognitive, developmental, educational and social elements and to plan treatments.

Outpatient appointments are available to assist young people under the age of 18, who are experiencing psychological concerns.

Psychotherapy is often referred to as ‘talk therapy’. Psychotherapists help people of all ages with a variety of concerns, mental health issues, emotional difficulties, trauma, and other problems affecting their wellbeing. Child and adolescent psychotherapists have additional training in working with young people under the age of 18. Psychotherapist and counsellors may specialise further in substance use, eating disorders, trauma, couples, families or mental health counselling.

Outpatient services are available for individual, group and family therapy sessions.

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all psychiatric diagnosis, and treatment is often difficult to find, oversubscribed or just not accessible.

The Wave has a comprehensive Eating Disorder Program that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, with our in-person partners in London, Dubai, Singapore and Switzerland who are able to provide additional support services, when required.

Meal times can be particularly difficult for those diagnosed with an eating disorder. Families and friends can offer some support but often feel under equipped to deal with meal-time challenges. Meal support at home can provide the confidence that families and young people need in early recovery.

At The Wave, our Meal Support Services support families during meal preparation and eating, either virtually (Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Asia) or in person (London, UK, Dubai, Malaysia).

ED Registered Dieticians provide support and care in recovery for people of all ages. They carefully consider each young person’s previous history and behaviours (including purging, laxative use, exercise, binge eating or restricting) to formulate the most appropriate treatment plan. They work closely with the mental health team to provide support with meal planning, weight restoration and maintenance, and compensatory behaviours – offering invaluable support during both treatment and recovery.

At The Wave, ED Dieticians can provide consultations online or in person in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, London and Dubai.

The Wave Eating Disorder Support Groups are online and available across several time zones. They can be combined with in-person sessions for those able to travel to The Wave or one of our partners in worldwide locations. Our ED Support Groups offer therapist or recovery specialist led groups. Sharing and community significantly improves recovery for those in early recovery and at maintenance stage.

CBT-E, Art Therapy for EDs and Trauma-Focused ED groups are included in the structure of our weekly group meetings.

Educational psychologists specialise in the complex world of learning and educational outcomes. They can assist young people and families in understanding how young people learn, and help develop strategies to improve learning outcomes.

Educational psychologists are available for in-person sessions within Malaysia and Singapore. International families can benefit from online consultations and assessments, including IQ tests, educational strengths and career pathway assessments. In-person sessions with educational psychologists in London and Dubai are also available.

The Wave Team has assisted families transitioning between schools in the private and international sectors. We have a good understanding of international schools, day and boarding schools in Malaysia, as well as those further afield. We work closely with our colleagues in UK schools and with online educators to provide support to young people with additional needs.

Our network of educators and special educational needs providers can help parents to build a program of learning that most suits their child’s needs. Our experienced child and family educational psychotherapists are able to advise schools on matters relating to safeguarding young people and the welfare of young people in their care. We are also able to assist in the placement of young people who have been temporarily or permanently excluded from school or those who have fractured educational histories.

Many young people are reluctant or resistant to receiving help. Not all young people will agree to enter treatment voluntarily. Parents and families are often concerned that their young people will refuse the help that they so desperately need. This can cause added pressure on an already overstretched family system.

Adolescent interventionists provide age-appropriate assistance to help young people decide to enter treatment willingly. We know that teenagers who benefit from a good start to treatment and who attend willingly do considerably better during the treatment period. The Wave team is able to provide interventionists for young people in most locations; including the UK, Dubai, Kuwait, Singapore, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.

We accept insurance from most major insurers

Fees and Booking

Our outpatient services fees begin at US$120 or 400RM (per 1-hour session).

We accept insurance from most major insurers, including Bupa, and AIA Group.

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