Out treatment planning extends beyond residential treatment and supports young people through the transition period. The next step of the journey is an important step to take. 



Preparing for discharge and life after treatment starts at admission. We take time to understand the objectives and goals for our young people and those closest to them. It is important that we are all working towards shared ambitions in recovery. Out treatment planning extends beyond residential treatment and supports young people through the transition period. The next step of the journey is an important step to take. 

During treatment at The Wave Clinic, young adults will have experienced many opportunities for personal growth. We help them to create a toolbox for their individual recovery through our extensive psycho-educational workshops and activities. As a trauma informed practice, we will be continually exploring the underlying concerns and will ensure that the work continues after treatment ends. Our Young adults have the option to undertake educational activities and vocational pursuits during their stay with us. Some of the courses are designed to facilitate career options post treatment and to also our young people the increased independence that can bring. We have seen success in holistic practitioner courses leading to volunteer opportunities and employment to pre-veterinary medicine courses. We are also able use our educational time to raise or catch up on school or university assignments. If returning to education is a part of your continuing care plan, we will liaise with educational establishments on your behalf to ensure a smooth and supported transition. 

Returning Home after Treatment

Returning home can be daunting for all of the family. There has been no magic wand. Instead there have been commitment to change and a planned road to wellness and recovery. There can be a mixture of fear and excitement as we prepare for discharge. Family therapy and reintegration sessions will take place both during treatment and approaching discharge. Together we will build a recovery plan. This is similar to the routines and schedules that we have established in treatment. Routines and familiarity are a good friend to have in early recovery. We will build in the activities that you like and enjoy as well as those that are essential practice for living life. 


Recovery After Treatment

Your individual recovery plan will include sessions with a psychiatrist local to home, together with therapy with one of our international partners. We always refer you back to your existing therapy and medical team unless we require a specialisation that is out of their scope of practice. We will introduce you to your home-based therapist through video calls prior to discharge. You can be certain that you feel comfortable with the relationship and have had some get to know you lesions to ease the pressure of returning home. Your therapist from home may decide to join us for the final planning sessions in person or by video conference call; this is our opportunity to fine tune the recovery plan.

You will leave us with our final medical report. This will help you to continue care with your local Hospital, Psychiatrist or family Doctor. We will also provide you with a summary of any medication that you require and a small supply which will last until your prearranged psychiatric appointment. 

Graduation from Treatment


We love to celebrate and your graduation from treatment will be a cause for celebrating. We enjoy a Wave Family send off and we make certain that we have plans for our first online family or individual therapy sessions. When we take you to the airport, we are already looking forward to the next time that we see you, either when you pass through whilst travelling or when you come back for short top up stays.

The Wave family keeps growing, as we successful complete treatment for young people from all corners of the world. We have a family that spans continents, cultures, interests and languages; yet they have one thing in common, the friendships for life that they have made at The Wave.

Getting better together

There's Always Hope

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