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Our Seven Core Elements of Treatment

Our eating disorder, mental health and addiction programs are designed to support healing and recovery. Our young people are able to build and plan for a better future, laying the groundwork for a successful, happy life.

The Wave Seven Elements treatment program was designed and created for young people by specialists in child and adolescent mental health. Seven Elements is a unique concept in mental health care for teenagers and young adults that bridges the gap in healthcare, education and global citizenship. Our families are global, our treatments world-leading and together our young people create the foundations of a bright future.

No. 1


The Wave clinical team includes psychotherapists, trauma professionals, family therapists, lived-experience leaders (LELs), and recovery coaches who work closely together to deliver our individual, group, and family therapy sessions. Therapeutic interventions include:

No. 2


We have full medical and psychiatric teams onsite 24-hours a day. They are all qualified and recognised in their fields of expertise and licensed by the Ministry of Health. Together they support:

  • General medical and psychiatric care
  • Detox and stabilisation
  • Higher-levels of care needs for eating disorder care
  • Psychosis management
  • Medication and prescriptions
  • Psychiatric intensive care
  • ECG and heart monitoring
  • Functional medicine
  • Immunology and food allergies.

No. 3


We believe that every young person has the right to receive an education, appropriate for their needs. We believe in inclusive education, regardless of mental health or behavioural health issues.

The Wave Therapeutic Boarding School, Group Education and Individual Learning – from GCSE to A Level and Tertiary Studies – provides therapeutic education options for international families.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your support and for creating this amazing place that truly does change lives. There isn’t a place like it (I searched long and hard online!). It’s not just people’s work here, it’s their life and that’s what makes The Wave so special. Thanks to The Wave I now have a chance at doing things I never thought possible.”

No. 4

Global Citizenship

Our programs encourage young people to play an active part in their recovery. One aspect of this is through global citizenship, where they become more aware of and understand the wider world – and their place in it.

We provide opportunities for our young people to take responsibility for themselves, the community and the environment, through social awareness, environmental projects, and active participation in local community projects. All our young people are members of The Wave Trust.

The Wave Trust is an NGO, registered in Malaysia, to provide ethical and responsible assistance to communities in need. The Wave Trust sponsors young people, schools and communities in need and places much-needed resources into the hearts and homes of young people and families.

We understand that our young people and families are incredibly privileged in many ways. Our aim is to make mental heath care available to children, teenagers and families without barriers. Our projects are created to bring compassion into our communities.

No. 5


As a trauma-focused treatment program, we understand that trauma affects the mind and the body and that both must be involved in the healing process for young people and their families.

We give our young people many opportunities to gain new tools, learn valuable skills and build external and internal resources – in a nurturing, positive environment. These include developing resilience, learning to balance high levels of emotional response (emotional regulation) and mindfulness.

Together, we build a bank of tools and skills that not only improve relationships and an understanding of the self (and others) but also significantly improve our young people’s chances for success post-treatment.

No. 6


We believe that healing happens in relationships, whether that’s in therapy, on the tennis court, riding whitewater rapids, camping or volunteering. We create an environment where young people can try something new, get involved, find new passions and experience new challenges as part of a supportive community.

Our programs incorporate a wide range of activities and excursions that encourage cultural appreciation, team building, collaboration with peers, and having fun.

This community spirit is just one of the reasons why The Wave programs are so successful in the long-term treatment of young people.

No. 7

Destination Future

Looking forwards, recovery and a stable future are goals for all of our young people and their families. We begin planning for the future from our very first interactions. The Wave programs are a bridge to living a life that is fulfilling and connected.

Our young people begin to create dreams and visions for the future. We support them in creating pathways to bring their dreams to reality. For some, that may mean a return to formal education, completing studies or gathering skills for GAP year experiences. We help to build routes into vocational experience and careers.

Leaving treatment is challenging. It is a period of change for both the young person and their family. Both can have expectations, fears and excitements. We prepare for a seamless transition with plenty of support available to manage the adjustment into the next phase.

Our young people and families leave us with a robust plan for the future.

Together, we will begin your recovery journey

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