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Finding the Right Treatment for Your Family

Finding residential treatment that is a great fit for your teen or young adult is one of the most important decisions that you will make. In some circumstances, parents are able to make a planned admission with the assistance of their psychiatrist or psychotherapist – in others, families are responding to a crisis or psychiatric emergency.

Choosing a treatment program, particularly programs that are far away from home, can feel overwhelming and essential at the same time. Parents and families are looking for a program that is able to manage complex medical and psychological presentations within a safe and nurturing environment.

The admissions process at The Wave offers an opportunity for your family to get to know The Wave team, understand our programs and delve a little deeper into our comprehensive treatment, education and life skills elements. In the event of an emergency admission, we will ensure the safety of the young person in the first instance.


Emergency Admissions:

General Enquiries:

In the event of a psychiatric or medical emergency, please dial 999, 911 or your local emergency medical service. In Malaysia, admission directly to The Wave may be possible.

Travel to Malaysia for Residential Treatment for Eating Disorders, Mental Health, General Psychiatry and Addictions is currently possible. Permission to travel is subject to an online Psychiatric and Clinical Assessment of needs.

Excellence in medical and therapeutic care

The Introductory Call or Online Session

Families and young people often make contact with our admissions team on the recommendation of their current mental health professional. We also have many families who contact us based on the positive experiences of family friends or business partners. Many young people and parents will contact us directly having searched online for specialists in teen mental health or international treatment programs for teens, young adults and families.

Researching treatment options can leave parents feeling astonished at the few options available for young people. Service provision for under-18s, under-15s and those aged over 13 is very limited. The Wave is one of the few treatment programs in the world that specialises in residential child and adolescent mental health. The Wave is consistently rated in the top three in the areas of successful treatment outcomes, luxury facilities and inclusive experiences.

The Wave is the only adolescent treatment program to combine education, global citizenship, social skills, etiquette and vocational training with excellence in medical and therapeutic care.

Meet online or in person

The Wave Admissions Process

Our admissions team is happy to meet with you online or in person to discuss your admission. You will be connected with a licensed therapist or registered mental health practitioner who will be able to assist you during your initial enquiry.

We will ask you some questions about your current concerns and also take a detailed history. We will ask you about any current diagnosis, presenting problems and current symptoms.

During your first call, we will listen to your concerns, needs and hopes for treatment. We will ask you about the urgency of your admission and prioritise those families who have urgent or emergency needs.

Our admissions team can be contacted on +60125227734

Utilising the support available to make great change

Clinical and Medical Assessment

The initial call is an opportunity to decide whether The Wave feels like the right choice for your family. It is also an opportunity for the clinical team to consider whether The Wave can meet your family’s needs in treatment. We select young people and families into our programs who we believe have the greatest chance of utilising the support available to make great changes. We will invite the family and young person to attend a psychiatric assessment with a Consultant Psychiatrist or with our Medical Director. This helps us prepare for your arrival and consider the preliminary needs in treatment (detox, stabilisation, renourishing, one-to-one care, etc.).

We will ask you for copies of any previous psychiatric assessments, notes or referral letters. We will also ask you for any previous admissions, illness or medical conditions, together with any medication that you may be currently prescribed. If you are not able to bring the documents along to your first call, please do not worry. Families are able to self-refer and previous medical reports are not essential.

Offer of a Program Place at The Wave

We will make an offer of a program place to young people and families who meet our criteria for admission and who we believe will benefit from programs tailored to meet their specific treatment needs.

We will offer you a place, together with an admission date. In the case of emergency admissions we will make arrangements for immediate transfer or collection by one of our trained Recovery Coaches, Psychiatric Nurse or Transportation Team.

You will receive an electronic admission pack, which is full of information for your stay, including packing lists. You can also download our packing list, along with other useful resources.

You will receive an invoice for a deposit payment. This payment will be held on account and either returned to you or deducted from your final invoice.

This amount may be used whilst the young person is in treatment to pay for incidentals, travel and any emergency needs.

Payment of your deposit is your confirmation of your place at The Wave.

Upon receipt of your signed admissions contract, we will send an invoice for the following 12 weeks (our minimum stay period).

Treatment fees are 5,500–6,000 USD per week in our main house and 13,000 USD per month in our secondary care, lakeside Transitions House.

All major insurance policies are accepted.

Travelling to The Wave

Our medical team is licensed in Malaysia and able to facilitate admissions to meet international and local mental health requirements for travel to Malaysia.

Travel to Malaysia for medical reasons is currently permitted. Approval is usually granted following your assessment with our psychiatric team.

We are able to assist with travel and logistics for immediate entry into Malaysia.

Documents That You May Find Useful During The Admission Process

Passport and Personal documents

Psychiatric Reports

Medical Reports

School/Education Reports

Insurance Policy

Court Orders

Together, we will begin your recovery journey

We are here to help

Have any questions or want to get started with the admissions process? Contact our friendly care team – they’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have and will walk you through how to prepare for your child’s stay at The Wave.

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We are here to help

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