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Stories of Hope

Our young people and their families stay in close contact with us after they leave. In fact, many of them return to visit The Wave family and join us to mark special celebrations in their lives. Our families know that they can lean on us for support and advice, long after treatment has been completed. 

We offer short stays, regular therapy sessions and support for all our young people for as long as they need us. There is no time limit or ceiling on our involvement; our family becomes your family as the story continues to unfold. 

The Wave is a unique space. We made it that way. Our team creates space, ‘The Wave Way’. We nurture, care, live and laugh with our young people; we believe in collaboration and recovery partnerships and most of all we believe that recovery is possible for every young person that we have the pleasure of meeting. 

Each has a story to tell and we have the ability to listen.

We are proud of our success stories, they increase month on month. We enjoy listening.

Finding hope in a brighter future

Our Young Peoples Stories

The Wave Clinic is a place of hope, not only for the teenagers and young adults who walk through our doors but also for their families who are able to find hope in a brighter future. 

Our young people and families share their stories to explain how The Wave offered opportunities to be creative, to feel accepted and to be supported on their recovery journeys.

*The names of our young people and their families have been changed in these stories of hope, to protect their privacy in the online world. Our young people and families have given consent to use their stories as they would like to share their experience with newcomers and their families.

Julia’s Story

Julia, Age 19, Exeter – UK
Anorexia Nervosa & Developmental Trauma

Julia was offered a place at The Wave in Primary Treatment. She had spent the past five years in and out of treatment for eating disorders in the UK. Having spent time hospitalised in central London and then transitioned from CAMHS to Adult Services, Julia’s parents (Penny and Paul) understood that she needed something different – something that offered community, companionship and an opportunity to change direction.

Annabelle’s Story

Annabelle, Age 19, Toronto – Canada
Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder & PTSD (Trauma)

Anabelle found The Wave herself. Mum and Dad were impressed that Annabelle had searched the world over to find somewhere that she thought would be the right place for her.

By age 19, Annabelle had been admitted to several psychiatric units and had visited the Emergency Department on many occasions. Annabelle had experienced a difficult few years with several suicide attempts, self-harm, purging to blackout and broken relationships.

Henrietta’s Story

Henrietta, Age 13, Budapest – Hungary
Complex Trauma & High Conflict Divorce

Henrietta arrived at The Wave just before her 13th birthday. The Wave is able to accommodate young people from 12-years-old (and one day) under The Malaysian Mental Health Act.

However, Henrietta was the youngest arrival in the main house. With some special adaptations in the program and additional one-to-one care, Henrietta arrived with a big smile.

Scott’s Story

Scott, Age 15, Singapore
Problems at School, Shoplifting & Behavioural Issues

Scott’s dad contacted The Wave for advice following a school exclusion and several police and community matters. 

Scott had been excluded from several schools in a short period and had not settled into online learning. School had reported a suspicion of teenage alcohol use.

Lin’s Story

Lin, Mother, Malaysia
Addiction and Schizophrenia

Lin and her husband Patrick came to The Wave following a serious psychiatric crisis.

Their 23-year-old son, D, had escalating drug use that had led to episodes of psychosis. D was hearing voices and was very frightened. His sleep was poor, as the nights were peppered with unpleasant hallucinations and further drug use.

Sandra’s Story

Sandra, Mother, London – UK
Our Family – Our Future

‘Our daughter, had so many problems we didn’t know where to start looking for help. Bulimia, self-harm and incredible mood swings. She had started using drugs, smoking, cutting herself and running away. The overdose left us with little hope that anything would change’.

Lisa’s Story

Lisa, Age 22, Sydney – Australia
ADHD Diagnosis and Substance Use Treatment

Lisa joined The Wave following several treatment episodes in Australia.

Lisa now describes herself as having, ‘well-managed ADHD’. This is a really big step forward for Lisa. On admission she described much of her early adult life as feeling, ‘like a child, in a grown up body’.

Some short Testimonials

“My time at The Wave was one of the best experiences in my life. I participated in many activities, learnt new life skills and made friends from other countries. It opened my eyes and gave me new knowledge and experience to be a better person. Thank you, The Wave, for giving me the best memory ever.” – J.D.

“Thank you Fiona! From the deepest place in my heart and soul, THANK YOU!

You and your team literally saved Sam’s life and also changed her trajectory. You helped us heal our family in ways the fullness of my gratitude could ever be expressed in words. What you and the team are doing at the Wave is miraculous, beautiful, and so desperately needed in our world.

I am sure this is the first of many notes of gratitude and appreciation that I will send to you and the team in the coming hours and days (and weeks and months and years). We are so grateful to you and everyone in the community…and we are honored to be a part of the Wave family…now and forever.

And as I said this morning, we are always available and happy to speak with anyone about the Wave. Feel free to connect us with any families who would benefit. 💕💕💕🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼” – S

“Today is N’s 18th birthday. As hard as it is to be away from her, we are so thankful and forever grateful to you and M that she is at The Wave getting treatment.”M

“Thank you for all you have done for me these past three and a half years I have been here. You have literally saved my life and I am very grateful for you.”B

“Thank you for helping to heal me and get me healthy. I am so grateful to be in the best care in the World”N

“Thanks for everything and allowing me to have another chance at being happy. I really don’t know how to put it in to words how much I appreciate The Wave. You’re always there for us. Thank you Fiona & Malek.”B

“The Wave has given me another chance at life. I am so grateful for you. Thank you for being the reason I am alive today. I’ll never forget what you have done for me.”B

“Thank you for giving me another chance at life. I love you a lot and I am so grateful for you. Thank you for being the reason I’m alive today. I’ll never forget it.”R

“The wave has been in my thoughts and is always somewhere that is very much a close part of me when I share with others my recovery story ♥️

I know I have kept saying that I would be part of a call soon and I never suited up and showed up for it as it were!!

I’m sorry, I was nervous to do it and therefore kept agreeing and never going through with it. But I feel that I have grown in confidence since then and would really love very much to speak to you all! I hope everything at the wave has been going well, and that you are all well and that the existing and new clients are all in their own journeys getting better and closer to happier and more peaceful lives 😌

I have sent a link of my podcast that I have been creating since I left the wave to you to have a listen too in your own time! I have two more episodes that will be coming out in the next few weeks! I really hope that you enjoy listening, for without the wave in my journey I would have never been able to make this creation or be well enough to put forward my help onto others. And for that I am forever grateful to you all!!

I send my love to you all, and so much love to L ♥️ I hope she is doing singing lessons and is happy in whatever she is getting up too! She’s such a talented wonderful girl!! I’ll never forget her running around bursting with so much energy and spirit when I was at the wave!! She is so special!! Please send her all my love and best wishes!!  M

Answering questions parent to parent

Our Parent Advocates

Our parent advocates are able to answer questions parent to parent. They have experienced the challenges of living with a teenager or young adult with additional mental health needs and experienced the highs and lows of treatment and recovery.

Our parent advocates are based all over the world and have experience of having a teenager or young adult at The Wave. Many of them have looked at and visited many treatment programs before choosing The Wave. We have had parents fly from Europe to Asia for a cup of coffee and to be certain that The Wave really is the most outstanding treatment program in the world for their child.

Dee’s Story

Dee has a story that moves from uncertainty and fear to progress and milestones. When we recently received a call to tell us that her son had secured his first paid job, we were delighted and full of hope for the future. Dee and her family are regular visitors to The Wave and her son now considers the team here as friends and allies in his recovery process. There have been bumps along the way, but through determination and love all the bumps have been small ones.

Carmel’s Story

Carmel has become a friend to many young people and families who have passed through The Wave. Her bright smile and positive outlook are contagious. She not only brings us vast supplies of Australian goodies; she brings us a reminder of how unpredictability and despair can be replaced with a glowing smile, a success story and a gift for giving back to others.

Carmel found that securing treatment in Australia was almost impossible. With one previous treatment episode the family felt further treatment could offer little hope for them.

Having successfully completed and graduated from primary treatment, and six months of secondary treatment, the family realise just how far they have come. We are exceptionally proud to call this family friends of The Wave and know that we will be in close contact for a very long time.

Together, we will begin your recovery journey

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