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At The Wave, art therapy is just one of the family of ‘expressive and creative arts therapies’ we use to offer our young people a safe form of communication and self-expression, unrestricted by language and/or communication difficulties. The art offers a bridge between their inner world and the outside world, free from the limitations of meeting certain levels of cognitive functioning.

Our teenagers and young adults can enjoy weekly creative arts therapy sessions, using a variety of methods, such as pottery, painting, costume and fashion design, jewellery making, dance and drama.

The main aim of these sessions is to enable positive growth, by providing a safe and creative space in which our young people can begin to explore their worries, concerns and feelings – with guidance and support from their peers and our team.

My time at The Wave was one of the best experiences in my life. I participated in many activities, learnt new life skills and made friends from other countries. It opened my eyes and gave me new knowledge and experience to be a better person. Thank you, The Wave, for giving me the best memory ever.

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