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Eating Habits in Autistic Young People: Facts and Statistics

It’s normal for any young person to have phases of selective eating or specific requirements about how and where they eat their food. But research suggests that autistic young people may experience eating difficulties more often or more persistently than young people who are not autistic.

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Autism and Food Aversion Explained

Autistic young people often experience food aversion, especially related to a food’s texture, taste, or other senses. While food aversion isn’t always a problem, it can lead to malnutrition and other health problems, especially when entire food groups are avoided. 

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School Refusal – What to Do if Your Child Is Unable to Go to School?

School avoidance can have a big impact on young people’s well-being and futures, but change is possible. Sometimes, schools can adapt parts of their programs to address the issues that are making a young person anxious. Some young people require professional support to address anxiety disorders that may underlie school refusal.

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Language in Mental Health for Kids: Why Is It Important to Watch Our Words?

Using positive language helps young people with mental health disorders to feel included in society and understand their self-worth. It also makes it easier to access treatment and to reach out to other people for support. At the same time, it affects the way society views people with mental illness, challenging stigma and discrimination in its many forms.

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Understanding Mental Illness Identity

When a young person has a mental illness, it has a big effect on their daily life. Managing and recovering from mental health disorders can take a lot of time and energy. Mental health disorders may affect their relationships, school or work, and plans for the future.

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