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Accessing Specialist Treatment for Young People With BPD

Accessing specialist treatment is fundamental for adolescents with BPD to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life. BPD is treatable, and there are several evidence-based treatments that are proven to help young people with the disorder to manage symptoms and pursue the things they love.

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Experiences of Hallucinations and Delusions Among Young People With BPD

Hallucinations and delusions are some of the lesser-known – and less often discussed – symptoms of BPD. While research shows that these experiences are common among young people with the disorder, conversations and awareness about the connection are still lacking. In assessments and treatment, they are also often overlooked.

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Distinguishing BPD from ADHD

In this blog, we outline the nine symptoms of BPD, as listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). We explore how and why people with ADHD may exhibit similar symptoms – and how we can distinguish them.

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What Is the Link Between BPD and Attachment Style?

This blog offers some information about attachment theory and how it may explain some of the symptoms of BPD. It also provides an outline of treatment for the condition and how it can help young people to manage symptoms and build fulfilling futures.

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What Happens When Kids Are Left Out of School?

Social exclusion and peer rejection can have serious consequences for young people’s mental health, leading to emotional and behavioural problems and low self-esteem. Social exclusion that is based on prejudice or bias is particularly damaging.

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