Chef Hamim

Assistant Head Chef

Chef Hamim is The Assistant Head Chef at The Wave and Head of Recipe Development. He is from Jahor in Malaysia and is a career chef with a passion for numbers. Chef Hamim has creative flair and enjoys leading our young people in meal preparation classes. Our teens leave us with a collection of recipes that they are able to budget, prepare, shop and cook and Chef Hamim is more than happy to help them with their growing skills in the kitchen. Chef Hamim is an outdoor person and loves travelling having been a Chef on a Five Star Cruise Ship. Chef is a firm favourite with our young adults and starts everyday with a wonderful smile and the hospitality that Malaysia is known for.

Fiona - The Wave Clinic

Fiona Yassin is the founder and clinical director at The Wave Clinic. She is a U.K. and International registered Psychotherapist and Accredited Clinical Supervisor (U.K. and UNCG).

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