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group of young students with books and gadgets sit on the steps in the park

Tips for Autistic Young People Coping with School

Many people struggle with aspects of school life, but for autistic people, it can be especially difficult. They may understand teachers’ instructions differently, find it hard to navigate the complexities of social life, and struggle with loud corridors or busy rooms.

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Crowded group of young people dancing cheering and celebrating on a summer festival outside in the day time

Stoicism, Gender Norms, and the Mental Health of Boys and Young Men

ender norms are a society’s ideas and expectations about how people of different genders should act and relate to each other. In most communities, gender norms help to maintain a system of hierarchy where what is seen as male and masculine is given power and privilege while females and other gender identities are marginalised.

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The girl hides her face behind a white balloon heart. Monochrome colors

Exploring Identity in Young Adulthood

Young adulthood is also a time of self-discovery. During their adolescent years, young people often explore questions of identity, such as gender identity, religion, culture, and sexuality. Young people start to build a picture of who they are, where they come from, what they want, and where they are heading.

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The child presented a puzzle card to his friend with an autism spectrum disorder. Care , support and assistance to children with disabilities

Developing Social Skills With Autistic Young People

Many people think that autistic children and adolescents aren’t interested in making friends or spending time with others. However, for a lot of young people in the autism community, this isn’t true. Autistic people often want to be close to others and seek companionship, but lack the social skills to make friendships a reality.

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A color puzzle made of elements in the hands of a child suffering from autism syndrome. Brainteasers for the development and education of children

Recognising Autism in Girls

In the past, people thought that many more boys than girls were autistic. Diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder among girls and women were very rare and diagnostic criteria for autism tended to reflect the traits presented by men and boys. However, we now know that there are many non-binary people, girls, and women on the autistic spectrum. 

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TikTok and Mental Health

TikTok has shot to fame as a viral video-sharing app where people post snappy content for teenagers to scroll through. Although it has received praise

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Homeschool, education and distance learning for children while mother, parent and woman helps son

Language in Mental Health for Kids: Why Is It Important to Watch Our Words?

Using positive language helps young people with mental health disorders to feel included in society and understand their self-worth. It also makes it easier to access treatment and to reach out to other people for support. At the same time, it affects the way society views people with mental illness, challenging stigma and discrimination in its many forms.

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