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The Wave Clinic has very quickly become a firm favourite with young people and families from all over the world. Travelling from Australia, U.K, The Middle East, Europe and S.E Asia; The Wave is a hive of activity and wellness centred around diverse home from home setting.
The Wave Young Adults is the first dedicated residential care facility within South East Asia to provide a treatment focus for teenagers, young adults and families. Our experience, knowledge and passion is essential when treating young adults and teenagers; most of whom are between 15-30. Our experiential and creative programs for Mental Health, Behavioural Concerns, Eating Disorders and Addictions are designed to build a strong foundation that can lead to a lifetime of wellness and recovery. 
For some, this will be their first treatment experience, others may have had previous admissions, outpatient programs, residential school settings, psychiatric care or regular therapy. We keep looking forwards and we are ready to support you, wherever you find yourself on the treatment journey.
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Mission and Values

Our Team

Every member of our team has completed training in Safeguarding or children and vulnerable adults. We continually review our practice across all departments to ensure the safety and care provided meets international standards.



'We love what we do’

One of the conversations that can be overheard frequently is how much our team love coming to work. The Wave is truly unique. Our treatment family extends around the world. We are fortunate to have experts on hand both in Kuala Lumpur and our International outreach. Our team and partners are all registered and accredited with worldwide associations in their field of study from Medicine, to mental health nursing, psychotherapy to addictions specialists. The Wave clinical Team are all involved in maintaining continuing professional development. 



Training and Research. Global Contribution.

We are fortunate to have some wonderful universities in Kuala Lumpur. Developing relationships through training and presenting youth mental health, with undergraduate and postgraduate audiences allows us to contribute to the development of new ideas in young peoples mental health and visions for change. We have an extensive visiting professionals list, drawing on the experience of best practice from around the world. We have a board of academic advisors, Professors of Psychiatry and Psychology to keep our team up to date with current research.

The Wave Consultant Psychiatry Team, are Lecturers and Examiners, making sure that the standards of the next generation of medical professionals are well equipped to serve the community in Malaysia and beyond. 

We welcome Interns and overseas professionals to our training seminars, details of forthcoming training opportunities can be found in our events pages.

You will find our team at events in Europe, The USA, Asia, Australia and The Middle East. 

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There's Always Hope

Recovery is not a journey that should be taken alone. Do you have questions? Want to discuss your case? Are you looking to start the path to healing? We’d love to talk to you. 


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