New UK Covid Rules to Make Travel to Malaysia for Treatment Easier


From 4 October, the rules for international travel to the United Kingdom will change, making it much easier to travel to Malaysia for medical treatment.

In less than two weeks’ time, the existing red, amber, and green traffic light system – which until now dictated quarantine and testing rules upon return – will be scrapped in favour of a single red list of countries.

Malaysia will be on a list of 17 countries from which travellers will be allowed to enter the UK without having to go through a number of pre-entry conditions. This is as long as they have been fully vaccinated on a full course of the Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, or Janssen vaccines (or any mix of two-dose vaccines) from a public health body at least 14 days before their arrival.

Those who meet these criteria do not need to take a pre-departure PCR test, a Covid-19 test on day eight, or quarantine in the place they are staying for 10 days after arrival. They do, however, have to book and pay for a Day 2 Covid-19 test and complete a passenger locator form.

A Shortage of Eating Disorder Beds in the UK

In the UK an estimated 1.25 million people have an eating disorder. However, residential and inpatient services for teenagers and young adults are relatively small in number. As a result, waiting times of up to two years are quite common for eating disorder beds.

As waits and pressure on beds increase, teenagers and young adults with sustained complications and complex medical needs are being admitted to general wards or treated at home. However, non-specialist treatment can cause additional complications.

Eating disorders have one of the highest rates of mortality across all psychiatric diagnoses so any delay in treatment can have catastrophic consequences.

Getting Eating Disorder Treatment for teenagers and young adults overseas has therefore become an increasingly viable option, especially now that travel restrictions are easing around the world.

A Welcome Change of Scenery

When going overseas for treatment, young people and their families often appreciate the change of scenery. They feel a sense of relief as treatment is approached in stunningly beautiful locations, with an opportunity to make friends for life.

The Wave, in Kuala Lumpur, is a centre of excellence and a trauma-focused provider. It is one of the few Eating Disorder Treatment Programs dedicated to the specific needs of teenagers and young adults. Our modern, luxurious facilities are in a secure location just a 20-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

With the new changes to the rules coming up, travel to Malaysia will now be relatively straightforward, making movement between the two countries easy.

What’s more, The Wave has a 100% success rate on visa grants for medical travel for young people and their families.

Fiona Yassin is the International Clinical Director at The Wave Clinic in Kuala Lumpur, working with teens, young adults and their families. Fiona is a UK registered Psychotherapist and Supervisor of Clinicians. EMDR trained and a member of EMDRIA, Fiona recognises the role of complex trauma in eating disorders and is currently developing Trauma-Focused Eating Disorder Services in Asia and the Middle East. Fiona is an International Chapter member of IAEDP, CBT-E, and RO-DBT trained. She is also a Fellow of APPCH.

Fiona - The Wave Clinic

Fiona Yassin is the founder and clinical director at The Wave Clinic. She is a U.K. and International registered Psychotherapist and Accredited Clinical Supervisor (U.K. and UNCG).

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