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The Wave Trust was formed in 2018. A community gifting project, managed by the young people currently in residence at The Wave.

The Wave Trust is a foundation filled with hope for the future. Our teenagers and young adults are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves, the community and the environment.

Our social responsibility is at the heart of everything that we do.

Young Adults join the programs at The Wave with a variety of concerns. Our teenagers describe feelings of low self-worth, eating disorders, mental health crisis, withdrawal and family conflict.

Our programs have been created to address the psychological, medical and overall wellbeing of our young adults.

Global Citizens for tomorrow

Giving back, Volunteering and being a part of a community enterprise offers our young people the opportunity to connect and create.

We encourage the development of life skills through active enquiry and increased understanding of the world around us.

Giving and receiving love, developing emotional maturity and experiencing life as a Global Citizen is the foundation of The Wave philosophy.

Our Projects

The Wave Trust is delighted to have contributed to our community. Our Young People have taken part in a variety of projects for life.

Our weekly Community Trust, led by our young people with the assistance of our Recovery Coaching Team; is an opportunity for each young person to be seen and heard. Ideas and projects are discussed before a committee is elected to carry out the planning, implementation and fundraising for each of our designated charitable causes.

Working with Children

We are mindful of the privilege that many of our young people have enjoyed. Family support and financial security have been evident in the lives of most of our young adults.

We are also aware that this is not the case for every young child in crisis.

Our young people have actively taken part in several projects focused on the wellbeing of children in our community. We have cooked, prepared and served lunch for hundreds of children in family centres, orphanages, refugee areas and children’s centres.

We have collected and donated clothes, toys, books and bikes and brought a smile to the face of many children in our local community.

We have delivered stationery supplies, learning materials and educational support to our local community educators for children.

Our Teenagers provided gifts for children at Christmas through our Shoe Box challenge, and with the support of our families, we were able to sponsor “Make a Wish” campaign in 2019.

Our talented young people, nearing the end of treatment have taught English as a second language and Maths to children for who education is not guaranteed.

We know that being a child is not always easy. We encourage gratitude and personal development through acceptance, responsibility and courage.

The Environment


Our young people took to the River Banks to clean and clear.

We contributed to the clean riverbank initiative, by joining international volunteers to make Kuala Lumpur’s riverbanks a safe haven for the wonderful wildlife that we have come to love.

Our Beach Comber project Was great fun, as we helped to tidy the beautiful beaches that Malaysia offers to tourists from around the world.

We enjoyed learning about marine life and the impact of waste on the environment. It was a great way to spend our Sundays in the sun.

Baskets of Hope

Our Eating Disorder programs focus on normalising relationships with food. One of the hands-on aspects of our program is to shop, prepare and cook for others—exposure to previous triggers in a controlled setting.

Our Baskets of Hope are handmade, and pantry baskets of goodness delivered anonymously to those who need them. We get to give love. Those receiving gain the gift of hope.

Protection of Animals

Our Young Adults all take part in a certificate course on the care of animals. We take part in a structured learning experience as guests of the Society for the Protection of Animals.

We learn the skills needed to be an effective volunteer in the Animal Shelter, taking care of animals who have been orphaned or abandoned.

From feeding to bathing, exercise and hygiene, our young people have the skills to obtain a certificate in animal care whilst helping the fantastic volunteers in the community.

Project Kit-e-Kat has allowed our young people to feed, care and protect street kittens, providing medical care where needed.

Sunrise adventures as we take to the urban areas where kittens are abandoned or homeless.

Orphan care and PICU

Sometimes the old skills are the best. Our creative and therapy in art teams teach skills in needlecraft, knitting and crocheting. Our blankets, hats and mittens are delivered to vulnerable babies and parents in need.

Trauma Training

In October 2019, we were delighted to welcome Chris John and Diana Sharp from London, UK to The Wave Clinic.

Chris and Diana joined a variety of educators, psychologists and psychiatrists for a three-day Trauma Training Event. Chris and Diana gave their time to assist in the development of Trauma-Informed Care In the region.

The feedback was outstanding. All proceeds were donated to The Wave Trust. We look forward to offering further sponsored training in the future.

Why do we encourage Volunteering?

Choosing projects, becoming a leader and being recognised for contributing is exceptionally important during the teenage years. We value commitment. Projects started are projects finished, a skill which many of our young adults had previously experienced difficulty with.

We believe in promoting self-care and self-worth, and there is no greater feeling than expressing that through the useful and nurturing parts of ourselves.

Bonding, teamwork and healthy friendships, willingness to engage in new behaviours. These are great skills for recovery and great skills for life.

We welcome any local projects who would like to be included in The Wave Trust initiatives. We make certain that all of our projects meet our criteria for ethical standards and safety.

We also welcome donations of gently loved items, pantry supplies and garden goodies.

The Wave Trust is financed by donations from The Wave Clinic, The Wave Alumni and our wonderful Families.

Fiona - The Wave Clinic

Fiona Yassin is the founder and clinical director at The Wave Clinic. She is a U.K. and International registered Psychotherapist and Accredited Clinical Supervisor (U.K. and UNCG).

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