We make the intake and admission process as easy as possible for our clients. Whether they are being referred from another professional or by their family, we aim for the experience to be easeful, simple and supportive.


Welcome to The Wave Clinic

We understand that making the decision to start treatment for a mental health disorder isn’t easy. Especially for teenagers or young adults with their whole life ahead of them.

That’s why we make the admission process at The Wave Clinic as gentle, clear and simple as possible. This is the first step to a happier and healthier future and we want to ensure clients feel safe and supported through all stages. Our admissions process begins the minute we receive contact from a client or family member. All conversations are confidential. We listen to the history of the client and from there we assess their individual needs and decide on the correct course of treatment.

Our friendly staff will walk you through the specific program and services we provide. During a stay at The Wave Clinic, our highly specialised and family-orientated team provide the best treatment to ensure a full recovery.

We believe in a whole-person 360º approach. This completely unique and holistic method means we can treat even the most complex cases. Our inclusive program combines advanced therapeutic techniques, tailored to the needs of teenagers and young adults, together with educational, fun and practical activities that positively impact their wellbeing. 

Daily activities include creative and art therapy, journaling, horse riding, daily yoga and much more. And through our ‘Acts of Kindness’ initiatives, young clients gain self-confidence and self-esteem and experience positive growth through helping others. 

Whether this is the first time in treatment, or you are being referred from another professional, we aim for the experience to be easeful, simple and supportive.

Do not hesitate to contact us today for more information.


All members of our core staff are involved in the initial welcoming process, assessing each person on an individual basis. A custom treatment plan is established,  that caters to each person's personality, preferences and culture. 

Our programme costs $5,000 USD per week for a minimum stay of 12 weeks. This is usually paid in advance unless we have agreed to break the fee into installments.

Referrals and initial assessment

Where possible, we work with the recommendation of the referring physician or mental health clinician. When we’re working with referrers:


For more information please refer to our professional referrer's page.

Getting Better Together

Admission process

Once the individual has agreed to admission, the process goes as follows:

Individual care is central to everything we do at The Wave. From the first contact that you make with us, we will seek to understand and advise you on the most appropriate treatment options and care plans that will benefit your family. 

Our admissions process is a time for us to get to know each other. We are very careful to accept young adults and families who will thrive at The Wave; where we know that we have the programs, expertise and knowledge to facilitate long term wellness and change.

Looking for help for addictions, eating disorders and behavioural health concerns can be both daunting and overwhelming. At a time when emotions may well feel overpowering, we are expected to make decisions that have a profound and lifetime affect. 

We support our families and individuals to find the right treatment for them. It is essential to gain as much information as possible during this time in order that you can make choices that you feel at ease with. 

Our admissions process is flexible and informative. We will offer you advice on treatment options, both residential and outpatient, extended care and family treatment in order that you can be best informed throughout your discovery process. 

It is important for us to be able to understand and hear your current concerns. It maybe that you are concerned about escalating drug use, binge drinking, restrictive food intake, psychosis or unstable mood. It maybe that you are most worried about attendance at work or at school, lying, stealing, manipulation or legal issues. Taking a thorough history will help us to help you find a solution and prepare treatment options. 

We are happy to talk to the family, to the individual or to your G.P or Psychiatrist. If you have a therapist or counsellor, we would like to speak with them (your permission is always obtained). Any previous medication, prescriptions or medical reports are helpful too. 

We will spend some time getting to know your family circumstances and understanding the background. Families are very important to the success of treatment and we will include you as much as possible. 

We are often asked how long each treatment episode will last. All current research indicates that the more involved and a longer length of treatment contact directly equate to positive treatment outcomes. Our programs start at 12 weeks. Young people take some time to settle into treatment and to build the effective therapeutic relationships that become a vehicle to their personal growth and success. Our average length of stay is 14 weeks. This is by no means set in stone. We will work with your family circumstances to ensure that they care package, including continuing care at home are considered. Our minimum admission time is 12 weeks. 

Should The Wave not be suitable for your circumstances; we will ensure that you are signposted to one of our trusted professional network. We are able to refer to both residential and outpatient facilities worldwide. 

Once the decision has been made to begin a treatment program at The Wave; we will work with you to find a suitable date for admission. As a small, home from home centre of excellence, the demand for our bed space is high. We will advise you on the next available admission date. We prefer weekday admissions; however we are able to work with your existing commitments and travel plans. 

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA and KLIA 2) are well served by international full service and low cost airlines. Connections to most major international hubs is both easy and inexpensive. If you need assistance with travel arrangements, our guest services team will be able to assist you.

We know that the window of opportunity is often small. The next round of promises to change, apologies and consequences is just around the corner. We encourage families and those seeking treatment to arrange admission at the first opportunity. There has never been a better time than now. 

The Wave specialises in young people with often complex presentations. We know from experience that sometimes it is difficult to propose treatment and get an agreement to begin inpatient care. 

Often a call with our therapy team will be enough to demonstrate that The Wave is a vibrant centre, where young people with all kinds of life issues come together and have fun whist undertaking the very serious business of recovery. Knowing where they are going, what to expect and who they are going to meet can go some way to alleviating the expected anxiety and fear. Often the prospect of change, is difficult to comprehend. Questions, such as, ‘How will I cope there?’, “Will I be bored?”, “is detox going to hurt?’, ‘Will I have anyone to talk to?’, “Will my family manage without me?’, along with many others come up at this stage. This applies to the whole family, not only the person engaging in treatment. We are happy to spend as much time as necessary supporting and reinforcing the great choice that the family has made in seeking and entering treatment. Things are about to get better for everyone. 

We work with Interventionists who have invaluable experience in assisting families at this time. An Interventionist is a specially trained, licensed and insured professional, who has expertise in supporting families through the decision-making process. Utilising their professional experience they will support the family and young adult into treatment, utilising knowledge, expertise and love. The wave has a panel of preferred intervention professionals, some of whom have over 95% success rate on a base on over 500 successful interventions. 

Should an intervention be clinically recommended we will locate the most appropriate interventionist on your behalf, in order that they can begin working with the family as soon as possible.

Once we have agreed on an admission date and our assessment has given us the information needed to prepare for the admission; we will begin planning for your stay. It maybe that a medical detox, or medical stabilisation is required. 

Your room will be booked, as soon as we receive your confirmation and deposit. We will ask you to complete an intake form. Whilst this is very straightforward and can be returned to us by email; it contains much of the essential information that we will need to begin your care. We will ask for a medical history, together with previous hospital admissions, any current prescriptions, and periods where there has been self-harm or suicidal thoughts or attempts and other key medical facts (e.g. the name of your current G.P., Psychiatrist and Therapist). We will also ask you some information about those people that you would like us to keep updated on your care. We will obtain your consent to share any information. Your confidentiality and privacy is very important to us. 

There is no requirement to detox prior to admission. Our Psychiatrist, medical team and 24-hour nursing care is on hand to assist with any medical needs. In the unlikely event, that we need a higher level of care; our Psychiatrists have admitting rights to Kuala Lumpur's extensive range of international hospitals. 

If you are planning to detox or undergo medical inpatient care, prior to admission; our medical team will stay in close contact with your Dr’s to ensure continuity of care. 

We do not recommend detox at home. Detox can be dangerous, even fatal. Please do not attempt to withdraw with our medical supervision.

Emotions, Goodbyes and apprehension are all part of the arrival process. Knowing where you are going and that you will be well looked after, can go some way to alleviating the inevitable concern. Our driver and a member of our clinical team will be at the airport to meet you. We will track your flight and ensure that your family are notified as soon as we meet you and you are on your way to The Wave. 

We will explain what to bring to treatment and the things that it is best to leave at home. The Wave is a place of wellness, a retreat from outside stressors and a place of harmony. We have produced some guidance on what to bring to both feel at home and to keep our community a safe haven.

The Wave is all about doing, being and feeling. Bring clothes that make you feel relaxed and comfortable. You will be able to enjoy a range of sporting, leisure and holistic activities. It is also a year-round constant temperature in Kuala Lumpur. It is constantly hot. Our rooms are air-conditioned and have wonderful ceiling fans; however, we suggest packing 2 weeks’ worth of comfortable and lightweight clothing. All laundry is taken care of by our housekeeping team. 

Everyone who arrives has a welcome pack of beautiful bathroom products; however, do bring your favourites. An MP3 player will be waiting in your room on arrival and our guest relations team will help you to upload your favourite tracks for feel good music moments, relaxation and personal time. 

Any valuables that are brought into The Wave, will be checked, signed for and deposit in our safe for the duration of the stay. 

We understand that some families and professionals would like to visit us prior to admission. We welcome visitors and guests and love showing guests, The Wave in action. We ask that you give us a little prior notice. This is for the safety and confidentiality of our young people. We take their safety very seriously. We will ask you to provide I.D or Passport in advance for our security passes. The Wave is in a secure area and all visitors are required to pass external security before entering the area. 

Many families arrive together for admission. This is always welcomed. Sometimes partners, younger siblings and other members of the family arrive too. We have a preferred partner relationship with Shangri-la and Four Seasons hotels. We are able to provide preferential rates for families in residence, together with specially designed family suites, babysitting services and VIP status on arrival. Please let us know if you would like assistance with your reservation. 

There's Always Hope

Recovery is not a journey that should be taken alone. Do you have questions?

Want to discuss your case? Are you looking to start the path to healing?

We’d love to talk to you. 


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