We believe in creating lasting, sustainable recovery, and see ourselves as a family helping families


Residential Treatment Program

Our behavioural health and addiction treatment programmes include fitness and yoga therapy, massage treatment, all meals, all weekly excursions and aftercare support. We work in tandem with education, medical and legal teams, and work with professional partners on every continent to provide additional services such as certified and trained sober companions. We believe in creating lasting, sustainable recovery, and see ourselves as a family helping families. As such, we ask all clients’ families to participate in therapy sessions as well. 

In removing our clients from their day-to-day lives and the negative "using" triggers that are a part of this, we give them the opportunity to grow, heal, and lay the groundwork for a successful, happy life. Our combined years of experience and committed staff boast a proven track record of helping our clients achieve lasting recovery.

Our core 10-week program focuses on care, flexibility, and long term relationships. We incorporate athletics and outdoor activities, as well as life skills like financial planning, self care, teamwork, baking and cooking. We work both as a family and with families, collaborating internally as an integrated team; externally with our clients’ loved ones; and with our referrers, who receive weekly medical and progress reports. We believe constant, fluid communication is inherent to successfully managing recovery.


Typical day

At The Wave, we believe in the power of a structured and supported daily schedule. 

A typical day for our clients would follow this schedule:

We engage in one charitable act kindness day per week (at shelters, orphanages, soup kitchens, animal projects). We might bake, cook, prepare, feed, make goodies to sell, clean, paint - whatever is needed. 


We place utmost importance on nutrition when it comes to recovery. We know that any acute episodes of un-wellness, particularly around mental instability and addiction, often result in letting one’s self-care and nutritional intake slide, usually at a time when it is needed most. We also know that what we eat correlates directly to our mood. All of our clients receive a full nutritional assessment upon admission. With eating disorders, we employ a 3:3:3 programme (3 meals and 3 snacks no more than 3 hours apart)

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