Henrietta’s Story

Henrietta, Age 13, Budapest – Hungary
Complex Trauma & High Conflict Divorce

Henrietta arrived at The Wave just before her 13th birthday. The Wave is able to accommodate young people from 12-years-old (and one day) under The Malaysian Mental Health Act.

However, Henrietta was the youngest arrival in the main house. With some special adaptations in the program and additional one-to-one care, Henrietta arrived with a big smile.

‘I was a little bit nervous but more excited I think. I have not ever stayed away from my twin sister for more than two nights. I think that made me the most scared.’

Henrietta had unfortunately had to leave school as her emotionally unstable periods affected her academic life. Henrietta had felt caught in her parents high conflict divorce which had been unfolding for many years. She had sleep difficulties and her mum described episodes of rage. Henrietta found it very difficult to keep friends and had changed school many times. Henrietta loved her twin sister very much and had a very competitive relationship where she often felt ‘left out’ or ‘not the favourite’. Henriettta had dyed her hair, skipped school and been seen smoking and self harming with fire.

Henrietta described feeling very big feelings that felt impossible to handle alone. She felt that nobody truly ‘understood’ her. DBT groups proved really beneficial for Henrietta. She shared some of the projects with her twin sister as they began to use family therapy to explore their relationship with each other and with Mum and Dad.

Henrietta had an incredibly successful treatment episode. Early intervention really does make a difference to the lives of young people. Henrietta left The Wave (with many tears from her friends) after a 12 week stay with us.

Henrietta has continued with her online school, which she enjoyed at The Wave and is doing really well. We are delighted to hear that Henrietta is also a Sugar Craft Champion.

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