Lisa’s Story

Lisa, Age 22, Sydney – Australia
ADHD Diagnosis and Substance Use Treatment

Lisa joined The Wave following several treatment episodes in Australia.

Lisa now describes herself as having, ‘well-managed ADHD’. This is a really big step forward for Lisa. On admission she described much of her early adult life as feeling, ‘like a child, in a grown up body’.

Lisa had not received a diagnosis in childhood. Instead she had difficulties completing school and always felt that she had underachieved – in relationships, studying and life. Lisa suffered from depression and anxiety and on admission was concerned that she was relying on drugs to self-medicate her unsettled moods.

Lisa says, ‘Medication works, it absolutely works. I felt like a child, anxious, too many thoughts, too many changes. Everything would just race through my head. I hated myself and I believed this was just what adult life was like.

‘At The Wave I have gained knowledge, understanding and education. I learnt about my unhelpful thoughts, I had to unlearn things that I thought were fact. Medication gave me some space whist I had talk therapy to help me out. I realised that I didn’t need to suffer anymore’.

‘My advice to others is, get treatment. It takes trial and testing, you really do have to try to make sure you get the right medication and the right therapy in the right place. It worked for me. I would like to be a peer ADHD supporter in Australia. If I can feel so much better, I would like others to have that option too.’

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