Additional Services

We work with a team of Interventionists, Sober Companions and Recovery Coaches who provide additional help and support before, during and after your treatment begins.

Sober Companions

We advise being accompanied to treatment if at all possible. However, if a family is not able to do so, or are concerned about the medical implications thereof, we can send an individual or team to step in. We refer to these people sober companions, and this process also works for the return home from treatment, as airports and planes can be difficult for those struggling with alcohol dependencies. We employ professional security services. A high-profile individual can utilise the services of sober escorts and recovery companions who are also trained in personal security and driving.

If complex cases, we can send a medical team to accompany the client to treatment, either with a nurse or a recovery coach, or, in very complex transfers where a commercial airline isn’t an appropriate option and/or transfer between facilities is necessary, via international air ambulance.

Sober Companions support you in many ways

Grow, heal, and lay the groundwork for a successful, happy life

About The Wave

At The Wave, we help teenagers and young adults, between the ages of 15 and 30, overcome eating disorders, behavioural problems, addiction, and other mental health problems. We use a combination of physical activities and therapy sessions to help our young people to grow, heal, and lay the groundwork for a successful, happy life.

Mahisha Naidu leads our Creative Arts Therapy activities, having trained in Dance and Movement Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths, London. Mahisha has led The Wave Clinical Team for two years. She is passionate about her treatment of eating disorders and leads our food and body groups three times a week. Her role has seen her develop a specialist interest in working with adolescent girls, particularly focused on borderline personality disorder, self-harm and developing emotional regulation.

Mahisha is currently studying Internal Family Structures (IFS), which is an innovative therapy, particularly suited to our work at The Wave, where it has been used effectively with our young people and their families. Mahisha is a member of APPCH.

To learn more about Art Therapy at The Wave, please contact us.

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