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Bilingualism, Emotions, and Mental Health Support

Language has a big effect on the way young people understand, experience, and express their emotions. When it comes to mental health support, languages are a tool to identify and express feelings through a process of healing and positive change.

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Mental Health in International Schools

In recent years, many international schools have developed exceptional pastoral and counselling schemes to support young people struggling with their mental health. However, in many cases, these systems still can’t offer the level of care some young people need. 

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Friend Helping Sad Little Girl in School

Bullying in School and Young People’s Mental Health

Research shows that young people who are bullied are more likely to develop several mental health disorders, including eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. Bullying is associated with serious symptoms of mental health problems including violent behaviour, self-harm, and psychosis.

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What Is Body Checking?

Teenagers and adolescents with eating disorders usually over-evaluate their shape and weight. Instead of placing their self-value in different aspects of their identity and personality, all or almost all of their self-worth relates to their body. Behaviours like body checking may reinforce a young person’s distorted beliefs about their own bodies, increase body dissatisfaction, and cause them to place even more self-value in their shape and weight.

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The Wave Clinic: Supporting Young People and their Families in Jakarta

rom our centre in Indonesia, we offer specialist, dedicated youth mental health support for children and adolescents, in residential and outpatient settings. As neighbours of Jakarta, we’re able to offer outpatient follow-up psychiatry to families at our centre, as well as to make the trip to Jakarta ourselves to provide treatment close to home.

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How Are Trauma and Sleep Connected in Young People?

Sleep is an essential part of both mental and physical wellness. It’s also important for a young person’s development, supporting physical and psychological growth. Among children and adolescents, a lack of sleep is associated with impaired daytime functioning, fatigue, depression, anxiety, decreased academic performance, and an increased risk of developing substance use disorders.

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Coping With OCD in School

Young people with OCD experience obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are unwanted and intrusive thoughts, feelings, and impulses that lead to distress and anxiety. Compulsions are actions that young people carry out to try and cope with or stop their obsessions.

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A boy sitting at the front in a hall of empty desks, with his head on his arm.

What Happens When Kids Are Left Out of School?

Social exclusion and peer rejection can have serious consequences for young people’s mental health, leading to emotional and behavioural problems and low self-esteem. Social exclusion that is based on prejudice or bias is particularly damaging.

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